Mushrooms for Breakfast

I've been in this tree for days. I used to go here when I was afraid of losing you. If things didn't feel right somehow this... forty foot tall, sturdier than rock, mass of wood and leaves and sediment and life, it knew me and it would tell me how to fix it. I no longer know how to talk to it without you being a part of me. I have started to believe that the wood that made our secret dock was cut from the tree's brethren. The dock has started to splinter a lot more since our rift and I cannot help but to assume that we are at fault. For years I have tried to sort out how my falling under the water might have caused your absence. A lot of times I wonder if seeing the ghosts scared you more than you had let on. The last time I absorbed demons you were there. The last time I attempted bringing down all that I had gained you were there. The sad reality of it is that I was not there. And that was probably only a piece of you. I have had to accept that neither of who we were exists anymore and it continues to eat at me. I'm finding it almost impossible to not see you anymore. So here I sit, in the tree that at one point could mend anything. Weeks have gone by and I don't feel any closer.

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