Premiere :: Pleasures

The clouds were the first thing to burst. A feverish explosion shook them to the ground and vapor hung to our clothes, weighing us down only a little more with each step we took. The chains were unreal and it was too simple for me to ignore the fact that they never existed in the first place. My arms would move freely that day, and so these shackles were the next to go. From here things get a bit more shaky. It is hard to explain where or when, if referring to the large hound with five heads. All I can remember is being amazed at how two noses were always kept to the ground, staying on any and every trail. And there was that frightening bird that sat on its back. A horn grew from the bottom of its beak, piercing through the top part. It was obvious that the obtrusion grew after its birth as the top portion of the beak was still mangled and spotted by its own blood. The mansion was the last thing to go that night. Cupboards darkened by coffee and resin twisted inside of themselves. Splintered stairs ripped to shreds and burrowed deep into the earth. Shards of glass from the chandelier whipped through the air like knives in a circus tent. All the while the dog just stood there grimacing.

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  2. wow youre a genius!