Sixteen Dreams

I keep dying. Every day some piece of me is shed and something different grows back and it is thrilling and exciting and scary as fuck. I keep swearing that I do not believe in love, but part of me feels like I am just too afraid at this point to keep going with the idea. It is too much of a risk. Why the fuck am I not able to write about things beyond "love"? Why have we come up with this term that just gets to mean all of the good stuff ever? Why can I not ignore a pressure if I know that pressure from people is in itself not even "real"? It is an analogy. I have a brain that I should be able to control, but it controls me, and that is not really fair because it should just be a part of me. It means that there is no me, it is just something my brain allows to exist. But with that terrible thought in mind then why exist? Could I blink myself out of existence? People talk of how powerful the brain really is, but why do we not see any of it? I understand that evolution works via need, and not want, but why? If we want something truly, does the brain not want it as well? So then why is it not all ours if we have this human greed? We call that something innate, that all human's have. We have these powerful brains. Why have we not proven it? Sometimes I feel like I do not even control what I am doing. That is typical. What controls all of us then? When we lose control what is taking over?

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