Travelers II

My first instinct is to burrow. To hit the ground with voracious ferocity and amalgamate to the soil. To become its immediate lover. I seek to make Mother Earth my bride. Eventually her family intercepts and I am left back to trailing along the sky. The clouds look different now and it becomes obvious that I am now closer than I have ever been. Ahead I can see everything open up and I hastily make my move. I immediately regret my choice of words as all of it lets loose. I am nowhere and I am terrified. Tentacles begin to whip and snap around my arms and legs, and then my middle section too is consumed. As the darkness swells around me I slip into a more comfortable body and fall to the ocean. Again I am burrowing, and this time with less resistance. Within moments I have hit the bottom and I keep going. Chutes of metallic bamboo fly up around me and I am trapped. You are the only thing that plagues my mind at this point.

Download :: Travelers II (Compilation)
Website :: Sky Stadium / Pink Priest / Alien Father / Cough Cool / Vacation Dad / SPERMWHALES / PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN II & III / Haunted Houses / Dylan Ettinger

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