Turn Into Feathers (ft Emily Reo)

I am amazed by the number of static bursts that have occurred just here in the past two months. The first one was more expected than the rest and I try not to imagine it. Even weirder still is the appearance of specific patterns that I know I've seen before. Colors that weave in between each other, swinging through explosions of luster sharp enough to blind. I know all of them. Never before have I heard the sky ring out with such vanity and in that moment I feel the whole world collapse and then reform itself, this time without the clouds and without space. No more stars, no more planets. This time no solar system contains any of it and the white noise surrounds everything.

MP3 :: Truman Peyote - Turn Into Feathers (ft Emily Reo)
Website :: Truman Peyote / Emily Reo / Attached Hands
Look out for the this on the Truman Peyote/Attached Hands split 7" dropping this fall via Post*Records. [note: Artwork above is handmade and not actually affiliated with the release.]

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