With Friends Like You

They started things up with if we wanted you to know it would not have been whispered. Next the propellers set to spinning and tore apart the words. The seats reclined into a new pattern as the words were screamed across a vacant parking lot. Here we were standing naked and afraid of nothing. Huddled in their fabrics they watched and whispered. Whispered and watched. We were tubes and antennas and they were a live studio audience. I kept waiting for emcee to direct us. It seemed the one thing we had in common. We just kept passing go. No one knew where to stop. We boxed this one up and threw all of it out. Loose tobacco filled the kitchen sink. The counters were browned by years of coffee spills and whatever else could make its way into the layers. A dingy smoke coated the room and we were still naked and afraid of nothing. Now there were more of us. The audience had finally joined us just before the parade was underway.

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