Wonder Wheel Presents You With His Friends

There is a fever. There is a fever. A fever. Fev... The blood is pulsing through me so quickly that I can hardly contain the energy. I have been expelling demons and bile for several hours now. I saw time go backward. The clock just turned back before my own eyes. A black residue is left in my sweat. What poison is in me? This terrifies me, certainly. I do not remember leaving one bed for the other. It is pitch black now. I think I can hear a dog barking somewhere out there. The world separates in front of me. Pixelated dust that flies apart like a curtain and the world is white. And then it all slams back together with such force that it startles me. I have to get some water in me. My hawk is gone and I'm afraid someone has taken him. I already know who it was and I am ashamed. I use another to send word to a friend. It is intercepted. Once again the world is stripped from me for a moment, this time like a sheet of paper being pulled away. I blink and it's all back. I do not think I wanted it back this time. Soon I will have to face the reality of this new situation. Soon it will all turn to smoldering metal and eventually a cold, mangled wretch.

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