Lovers With Iraqis

About seven miles south of here, you'll find the person you were supposed to love. You can tell it's them by the way they twiddle their fingers and mutter to themselves. Don't talk to them, it's far too late for that. Instead, watch for a moment, feel the would-be nostalgia that you could've had with your would-be lover. Remember the time you didn't spend together that night, when the moon was just perfect. Think about that silver metronome that they never gave you, and wonder why you can hear it anyways, tick, tick, tick, tick tick tickticktick. This is not your past, present, or future. It should have been, just as so many things should have been, but it is not.

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Grab the Lovers With Iraqis 7" via How to Fight Records. (For the unsure, it comes with temporary tattoos. How do you say no to that?)


Take Me Home or I Die Alone

You were all about the flavor. Do not wait on me for dinner. On the day you fell into existence you fell out of the ship. You made a deal with the devil while we sat in the hull playing cards. Go Fish or some other childish nonsense. The point is that we missed it. We only went out a couple of times and I would not have made it a big deal. Do you know how many things I don't tell you? Peace. Piece. Me, you... None of this is real. Change partners. He was right. I still have no way to prove that. He was right, though. You are the one who was left there with red on the floor. Well, she was. Really. You just watched it all cascade down the mountain. How did that work out?

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Dead Gaze - Take Me Home or I Die Alone
Dead Gaze - Emanuel Can't Come Close Enough
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Look for these killer jams on 7" vinyl later this year via those rad homies over at Fire Talk.

Video :: Walter Gross - Draggin You To Hell


Sand. You are sand. You are the finest fragments of rock and glass. You, whom I would just as soon call my favorite addiction, are the grittiest, but to those of us that been here all along your touch is cool and soothing. You are a ghost. We are fragments of time in the wind, breezing like silt across your rippled spine. What is this collective sense? Lights pulse. Light pulses. It's one or the other. Everything halts. Stand still for a moment. Now all of it (us) are falling. Pi tch.

blac k.

Making wishes seems like a thing for children now. Ice is hanging from the ceiling. Words freeze in the air and sting like the cold of the air. We work like machines. We work machines. Are we machines? Breaks in the monotony have become addictive. I crave more. We are upon action. There should be a mission statement.

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Untitled EP

We are not ripe for the picking. We are. They will have us served up. We will not allow it. That does not matter. Gods have failed before their absurd ways. We will not reckon logic upon them. I will not, that is. I cannot speak for them anymore. That was their choice so long ago. The invaders are here now. I should be hiding away somewhere. I have no idea as to what is actually holding me here. I feel content. That does not matter. I will not be allowed to exist after all of this.

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Video :: Sebastien Tellier - Look (Laurel Halo RMX)


I will start with the how hard it was to sleep on the way home. I am homesick now, not then. I keep having this dream where we are all on our own island. If things were my way... well, I have a lot of ways. I really do not know which I would pick. I just want all of them there. I am anxious for the next trip. I am addicted to them. The ships are also becoming something more. I feel like there is a wall preventing the next galaxy right now. I cannot see through the right side. Fuck all. I am slipping backward now. Running and running and running. The earth and leaves and rocks feel so good on my feet on this day. Those who brought us had been so wonderful. The trees are bursting. Even the goats have come out to play. No bears, despite my efforts. Shots ring out, though no shots were made. Parting is hard, and comes with great sorrow. Then we see the place from the book. Screw rent.

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Video :: Imcubator (US) - Blanket Fort

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The engines ignite into an uproarious commotion. The passengers are startled awake. Then there is no one. Not even me. This is the first time I've only partially fallen in. I know for certain that I am not here, yet I am seeing all of this and none of that. Just where did they go? I can't have frightened them off. I am not even here. Wait. What was that flicker? I saw it for a moment. Some sort of device wrapped in chains. A tarp was pulled sideways. Who uncovered it? Where is everyone else? My muscles ache. I can't stay not here for much longer. Computers keep slamming into the trees. They are unapologetic. This is honestly what remains. The trees do not bend. The trees do not consider. Neither do we.

MP3 :: Expensive Looks - Vanishers
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Keep an eye out for Dark Matters, out later this year on the always stellar Group Tightener.

Video :: Cradling - Alkaline Movements

Spacific Ocean

What a time. We had to push it to get any further but we had arrived. I could not help inhaling the dirt as it piled around us in only the thinnest layers. Then I saw the fires. All around me they were lashing out and I only wanted to sooth them. Some things are futile. I remember setting my sights immediately, and am now only amused by the obvious failure of that one. Birds will stay birds, and she belonged in the sky anyway. Who am I to deny that? The man with explosive rounds, I suppose. The man with a family to feed, I suppose. It doesn't matter. She'll continue to fly, and I am never going home. I've been drifting through these planes for far too long to hope for that.

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Video :: Blackbird Blackbird - Pure

Go Anywhere With You

My homies over at Hipster Wife Hunting just posted up this rad mix of jams today. For those of you who are unfamiliar, HWH is a blog that posts cute girls and great music. That's the formula for awesome y'all. Head here to grab the mix (free of course).


Winky Dinky

From the opening chords of Gyre Spire & Spindles' debut cassette, titled Nuggets, you know you're in for a treat. The band features Amy Macdonald of Bronze Leaf as well as members of Gobble Gobble's live act, though Gyre Spire & Spindle follows a much more aggressive rock sound than either affiliated act. As lead vocalist, Amy belts her words like explosive rounds, as if they've built up inside of her past the point of breaking, until guitarist Graham Nichol and bassist Calvin McElroy can stand nothing more than to join in on the irresistibly catchy chants. This one was meant for throwing down, so lace up your kicks and dive into the pit. We're partying now.

MP3 :: Gyre Spire & Spindle - Winky Dinky
Nuggets cassette is available now via Bart Records


Inner Gazing

A bright flash and perhaps one of the most jarring sensations I have ever experienced later and I am dreaming like never before. All of it is real and none of it is seen. I can only feel you on the brief murmurs that carry themselves in the manner of a football player tackled one yard before the touchdown that would have one the game. I've experienced lost love over and over and over and over. This is not that. This is unfound love. This is something I will never be able to tell you about because if I do it may bring cataclysmic consequence. Every plane we shift to you are there, distant in the background, while dozens of other players act upon every inclination. I just wish you knew I could see you there.

Download/Stream :: Mickey Mickey Rourke - Inner Gazing
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Album artwork by Rafał Czajka