I will start with the how hard it was to sleep on the way home. I am homesick now, not then. I keep having this dream where we are all on our own island. If things were my way... well, I have a lot of ways. I really do not know which I would pick. I just want all of them there. I am anxious for the next trip. I am addicted to them. The ships are also becoming something more. I feel like there is a wall preventing the next galaxy right now. I cannot see through the right side. Fuck all. I am slipping backward now. Running and running and running. The earth and leaves and rocks feel so good on my feet on this day. Those who brought us had been so wonderful. The trees are bursting. Even the goats have come out to play. No bears, despite my efforts. Shots ring out, though no shots were made. Parting is hard, and comes with great sorrow. Then we see the place from the book. Screw rent.

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