Lovers With Iraqis

About seven miles south of here, you'll find the person you were supposed to love. You can tell it's them by the way they twiddle their fingers and mutter to themselves. Don't talk to them, it's far too late for that. Instead, watch for a moment, feel the would-be nostalgia that you could've had with your would-be lover. Remember the time you didn't spend together that night, when the moon was just perfect. Think about that silver metronome that they never gave you, and wonder why you can hear it anyways, tick, tick, tick, tick tick tickticktick. This is not your past, present, or future. It should have been, just as so many things should have been, but it is not.

MP3 :: Foot Village - Lovers With Iraqis
Website :: Foot Village
Grab the Lovers With Iraqis 7" via How to Fight Records. (For the unsure, it comes with temporary tattoos. How do you say no to that?)

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