Take Me Home or I Die Alone

You were all about the flavor. Do not wait on me for dinner. On the day you fell into existence you fell out of the ship. You made a deal with the devil while we sat in the hull playing cards. Go Fish or some other childish nonsense. The point is that we missed it. We only went out a couple of times and I would not have made it a big deal. Do you know how many things I don't tell you? Peace. Piece. Me, you... None of this is real. Change partners. He was right. I still have no way to prove that. He was right, though. You are the one who was left there with red on the floor. Well, she was. Really. You just watched it all cascade down the mountain. How did that work out?

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Dead Gaze - Take Me Home or I Die Alone
Dead Gaze - Emanuel Can't Come Close Enough
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Look for these killer jams on 7" vinyl later this year via those rad homies over at Fire Talk.