The engines ignite into an uproarious commotion. The passengers are startled awake. Then there is no one. Not even me. This is the first time I've only partially fallen in. I know for certain that I am not here, yet I am seeing all of this and none of that. Just where did they go? I can't have frightened them off. I am not even here. Wait. What was that flicker? I saw it for a moment. Some sort of device wrapped in chains. A tarp was pulled sideways. Who uncovered it? Where is everyone else? My muscles ache. I can't stay not here for much longer. Computers keep slamming into the trees. They are unapologetic. This is honestly what remains. The trees do not bend. The trees do not consider. Neither do we.

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Keep an eye out for Dark Matters, out later this year on the always stellar Group Tightener.

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