Winky Dinky

From the opening chords of Gyre Spire & Spindles' debut cassette, titled Nuggets, you know you're in for a treat. The band features Amy Macdonald of Bronze Leaf as well as members of Gobble Gobble's live act, though Gyre Spire & Spindle follows a much more aggressive rock sound than either affiliated act. As lead vocalist, Amy belts her words like explosive rounds, as if they've built up inside of her past the point of breaking, until guitarist Graham Nichol and bassist Calvin McElroy can stand nothing more than to join in on the irresistibly catchy chants. This one was meant for throwing down, so lace up your kicks and dive into the pit. We're partying now.

MP3 :: Gyre Spire & Spindle - Winky Dinky
Nuggets cassette is available now via Bart Records


  1. Don't forget about BLAKE!!! He is an amazing and talented drummer who holds it down and makes complex beats look easy. WE LOVE BLAKE!!!

  2. Crazy awesome drummer.