Premiere :: At Night, The Sun Comes Out

Dwight Pavlovic is the sweetest fucking guy I know. Through 2010 he has quickly gone from just a guy sending me stuff about his record label to one of my best friends. I love him to death and consider him family. Last month I had the great pleasure of finally meeting him in person, along with his better half, Liz Toler. Today is Liz's birthday, and Dwight has done his best to make sure this is her best one yet. I'll turn the post over to him and let him give you the skinny on what's happening.
This summer, via series of clever deceptions and careful manipulations of appearance (most notably a radical haircut), I secured the affections of the girl of my dreams: Liz Toler. She is a fox and the most beautiful person I know. We like to collage and love each other. Motivated by amorousness and armed with my credentials as revered founder of an obscure and oddly named record label, I set out to impress her. It just happened that I am and have been friendly with one of her fave musicians, Mat Cothran, aka, Coma Cinema. Little did she know, Mat’s not just an awesome musician, he’s an awesome dude. I melted his heart with my sordid tale of romantic triumph and convinced him to write a song about Liz and I. Little did she know, that had she known that first bit, she would even then have not known I wasn’t stopping there. GOBBLE GOBBLE’s Cecil Frena, another “fave” and rad musician-dude, consented to remix the song. Adding insult to injury, Rachel Levy of Kiss Kiss Fantastic volunteered to design the packaging.

Thanks to the reasonable prices at National Audio Company, with the contributions of all three rad musicians/dudes (& one gal) in hand, this super limited edition, incredibly vain artifact of my incredibly genuine affections for Liz Toler was born. Six people made this cassette. Two amazing musicians that thought the idea was cute made the songs, another amazing musician (and – who knew – artist) made the packaging, the world's bieberest blogger Jheri Evans is debuting the tracks, one girl that I love inspired it, and I generously volunteered to pay the expenses and motivate the participants. I hope you enjoy the results of my feeble attempt to impress a girl that in reality deserves nightly festivals to mark how wonderful she is.

I love Liz Toler. Mat Cothran, Cecil Frena, Rachel Levy, and Jheri Evans are pretty fucking amazing as well. But Liz wins.
MP3 ::
Coma Cinema – At Night, The Sun Comes Out
Coma Cinema – At Night, The Sun Comes Out (GOBBLE GOBBLE’s Michael Bolton Romance Volcano)
At Night, The Sun Comes Out drops on super limited cassette (only 20 copies will be put up to order) next Tuesday via Dwight's own Royal Rhino Flying Records.


Premiere :: §PNNR§

BL§§D ØU† is not Blissed Out y'all. Thas some ol' whack shit. BL§§D ØU† is that new new. That real new. The duo (which may or may not include more than two people now...) recently sent over the new LP and it is dark. Swamp jams that drift through space like shuttle debris. Turbulence blasts from every far reach and pressure just builds around your head. "§PNNR§" drops as an EP on November 23, and the track will also be featured on the vinyl LP that AMDiscs is releasing shortly after. Also keep your eyes open for a collection of remixes to songs from the LP to pop up just before the album's release.

MP3 :: BL§§D ØU† - §PNNR§

Video Premiere :: Gobble Gobble - End Of Days (Live at Glasslands, 9/12/10)

Video shot by Tom Pavlich. Catch more awesome footage from this show over at the Great Pumpkin now. Also, you can see me getting my swerve on in this one. Sick!

You With Air

I frequently get emails with just a link to a bandcamp or an mp3 and nothing else. It is a bit frustrating because I often want to write-up the song immediately but have no info. Such is the case with this track by Young Magic. In this case, however, I cannot wait to show you guys this. Easily one of my favorite things I've this year on only it's first listen, "You With Air" absolutely rocks my world. The punching synth lines stab through the impassioned chorus while kicks and claps swarm the verses as if dancing were the only option. Young Magic is an artist I'll likely not be taking my eyes off of anytime soon.

MP3 :: Young Magic - You With Air


Kinky Tipsy

It's 73°F here in Wilmington right now. Winter has never had an easy time overthrowing Summer here on the coast. Sometimes I feel like the rest of the music world is leaving us behind as everyone slows down for the cold months ahead. Fortunately Chief Black Cloud is opposing the frost right alongside us. Monoï shines as bright as the sun and brings the temperature up another 10° almost immediately. My roommates think I'm crazy because I've just been bouncing through the living room doing the most absurd dancing, and I'm ok with that. I can't dance well y'all, but with jams like this who really gives a fuck? Let's just have some fun. Today is about love. Monoï drops November 23 in LP format on SVN SNS RCRDS and on CD via Waaga.

MP3 ::
Chief Black Cloud - Kinky Tipsy
Chief Black Cloud - Summerblow


Singing Western

I love glo-fi as much as the next guy, if not more. With that said, it's nice to see some rough edges finally blasting out of the Carolinas. Colombia, SC natives Chemical Peel craft blown out garage punk that will totally melt your face. Ambulant female vocals drive the fervent songs with a passionate intensity that seems harder and harder to find these days. Keep your eye on this one folks.

MP3 :: Chemical Peel - Singing Western



Energy rips through the dirt. Buildings collapse like a tired boxer in the eighth round. Trees are swept off their feet as if were nothing. At the Earth's center remains Kruxe, displacing the ground with sonic destruction. If you want to live come with us.

MP3 :: Kruxe - TRE/\/\ORS


Mixtape :: Blood Stains On My White Tee

Have I told you lately how much I love October? Gospels recently sent over this sick mixtape that he put together. This one is definitely going on the Halloween playlist. Go ahead and take the headphones off, plug into some good speakers, and get ready to dance. But think evil thoughts the whole time. It's in the spirit of the holiday.

Stream :: Gospels - Blood Stains On My White Tee

Video :: Foot Village - Lovers With Iraqis


MillionYoung is already poised to release one of the best records of 2011. Atmospheric Beast glimmers like flakes of gold sifting through the ocean while only the most beautiful mermaids jump gleefully through it. Everything is brighter while it spins, leaving not even the slightest unwelcome thought behind. "Calrissian" is the first track to be released, and I will probably listen to it on every Christmas for the rest of my life. It's not a holiday song, but the mood fits and it'll guarantee that I'll never have another downer Christmas again. Atmospheric Beast drops digitally in January, with CD and 12" releases to follow in February from the fine folks at Old Flame Records.

MP3 :: MillionYoung - Calrissian


Seapony only started making their stunning brand of twee pop last June. What's more, it was less than two months ago that they threw their first collection of songs online (a three-track self-titled EP available here) and the rad homies at Double Denim Records have already snatched them up for a glorious 7" featuring three lovely new jams. Dreaming 7" drops November 15 and you can listen to/pre-order it here.

MP3 :: Seapony - Dreaming

Video :: Greatest Hits - Uptown Girl

Directed by Natalie Rodgers [via OESB]

MP3 :: Greatest Hits - Uptown Girl



I'm not sure how a GOBBLE GOBBLE track could make it out there without me hearing it at this point. Last month I went on tour with the band for 9 days and after that I am obsessed. Any of you who have seen these guys live get what I'm talking about, and I urge you to see them asap if you don't get it. This track is the b-side for the Wrinklecarver 7" if I'm not mistaken. It's also the first possible piece of evidence to support my theory that Cecil will eventually spark a revolution, bringing peace all over the world with his frantic dance pop. [via A Half-Warmed Fish]


Video :: Golden Girls - Total Bummer

Enter The Wormhole drops on cassette in November on Burning Mill / Wormhole Records. This song does not appear on the aforementioned tape. It just kicks ass.

Video :: Clive Tanaka y su orquesta - Neu Chicago

[via The Road Goes Ever On / Altered Zones]


Video Premiere :: Walls - Gaberdine

From the Gaberdine Remixe EP, out October 18 via the stellar amigos over at Kompakt.

Co-Premiere :: I'm Talkin' Bout Freedom

Numero Group is known for their ability to dig deeper through record crates and shelves anywhere research takes them to unearth the best of R&B, Blues, Soul, Jazz, etc. Now, after putting in a full four years of hard work, they're releasing Syl Johnson: Complete Mythology, much to my delight. Complete Mythology covers Johnson's career extensively, bringing us not only his various hit singles ("Is It Because I'm Black?", "Take Me To The River") but also 10 never-before-released tracks as well as plenty of incredible b-sides. But let's focus for a moment on the reason I really love Numero Group. Complete Mythology comes packaged in a six LP + four CD boxset, and included in the package is a fifty-two page booklet featuring, amongst other things, a thirty-five-thousand word essay (these guys know how to write a good essay) and a sample index. A sample index! If that doesn't totally win you over just press play and let Johnson do what he does best. Syl Johnson: Complete Mythology drops October 19 and you can pre-order the box set here. Also make sure to check out what co-premiere cohorts at Altered Zones headquarters had to say about this one.

MP3 :: Syl Johnson - I'm Talkin' Bout Freedom


Video Premiere :: Dead Gaze - This Big World (Live at Monster Island 2/7/10)

Video shot by Tom Pavlich. Catch more awesome footage from this show over at the Great Pumpkin now.


Every now and then some collaboration comes along and rocks my world like nothing else could. This time it's Seeing Suge, a project that brings together three of this years most stunning new artists. Blackbird Blackbird has constantly been blowing my mind with dreamy, ethereal jams all year while Star Slinger brought back fond memories of what it was like the first time I ever heard Dilla. All the while Emay has been steady dropping verses all over the place so we were sure not to displace his name. To put this clearly for you, Seeing Suge is fucking incredible. I could not have dreamed up a more perfect collaboration. Also check out the single for "Breaking" here, which includes a new track from each artist individually.

MP3 :: Seeing Suge - Breaking

Aertgo Lapsees

It has been a while since we last heard from our pal RxRy. Fortunately he feels as well as we do that it has been too long and sent over this new digital single recently. Aertgo Lapsees finds RxRy taking a slightly new direction with faster songs that are a bit more beat oriented and almost danceable at times. Either way I'm definitely into it. His new album, Ω, should be dropping soon, so we'll just bliss to these while we patiently wait.

Download :: RxRy - Aertgo Lapsees

Warmy Personal Routine

The incredible homies over at Moon Glyph recently sent over this new Velvet Davenport jam from the upcoming LP, appropriately titled Warmy Girls. The record will be out in a limited edition of 500 and is pressed on wight vinyl. If the whole exclusivity thing doesn't get you wet, it also sounds incredible. With lush instrumentation carrying wistfully airy, catchy-as-fuck vocals, everything certainly feels warm as well as inviting. This is Velvet Davenport at their very best, and I think they know it as well as we do. Pre-order it here.

MP3 :: Velvet Davenport - Warmy Personal Routine


Co-Premiere :: Kill a Man With a Joystick In Your Hand

At the beginning of the year D'eon started sending me his music and I was immediately blown away. (So much so, actually, that I asked him to do a song for Eskimo Taco and he gave me an amazing Lady Gaga cover.) Then back in June he sent me a rough mix of a cut from his debut album Palinopsia, which finally drops November 16 via the non-stop killing it Hippos In Tanks. I realized then what this song secures: D'eon makes club bangers, but so much more than even that. The instrumentation on his songs is mindblowing. As a child and teenager D'eon learned to play instruments ranging from synthesizers and pianos to setar and harmonium, and he seems to have totally mastered all of it. To put it all quite simply, I dare you to not dance to this; and I dare you to not think to this. Head here to pre-order your copy now, and make sure to mosey on over to Altered Zones to see what my co-premiere cohorts had to say about this stellar jam.

MP3 :: D'eon - Kill a Man With a Joystick In Your Hand


The Crown Center

When Pocahaunted broke up a few months ago it nearly ruined my life. Ok, so maybe I'm going too far there, but I was pretty damn sad. I can't tell you what it is specifically, but something about their music puts me away where everything is dark and murky and gritty and I love all of it. Fortunately my pal Georgia is on that wavelength and is keeping me up to date with this new Topaz Rags (featuring a fraction of Pocahaunted's membership for only a fraction of the cost!) slow jam. Grab The Crown Center 7" here via Not Not Fun, the greatest label out there. Here's to Topaz Rags, never letting the nightmare die. [via Microphone Memory Emotion]

MP3 :: Topaz Rags - The Crown Center

Video :: Balam Acab - See Birds (Sun)

[via Forkcast]

California Sunrise

I'm not really sure what my pal Emmanuel had to say about this one, as I don't read French. I'm inclined to believe he mentioned that the title of this song is right on. He probably spoke of those early morning moments when you wake up and your apartment is freezing. I could surmise that he talked about that brief moment when you walk out onto your balcony and the sun hits your skin, sending convulsive chills through your entire body. Then he probably told everyone that Dirty Gold are incredible and zipped away on a motor scooter. [via Delicious Scopitone]

MP3 ::
Dirty Gold - California Sunrise
Dirty Gold - Overboard

Diagonal Signs

Room E recently sent over this stellar beat tape that is perfect for the season (have I told you guys I fucking love October?) and it's stuck on repeat here at GOTC headquarters (it's not a submarine, despite all my wishing.) This is dark, mind-bending, soul-snatching music. This one is for the wandering vagrants with no where to go. Ditch the tattered blanket and wrap yourself in some Diagonal Signs.

Stream/Purchase :: Room E - Diagonal Signs

The Holy Forest

One of my favorite new projects this year, if not my absolute favorite, is Teen Daze. As I've said before, his songs seem to create entirely new worlds for me to live in, and I couldn't be more thankful that such a wonderful artist exists. He recently sent over word on one of his side projects called Two Bicycles. Here's the somewhat heart-wrenching story of The Holy Forest:
Behind my parent’s house was a mountainside forest that was full of wonder and inspiration. One afternoon some friends and I were wandering around it when we came upon a huge clearing, almost 200 feet wide. The trees gave way to huge stalks of uncut grass, and a hidden cove, complete with a looming rock face. People had definitely discovered it before we had, what with the discarded car batteries and rusted out bed frames. Some people saw it as a dump; we saw an oasis. For that summer, this place became my escape. I’d go to the meadow to think, to take in the sun, and to go be imaginative. It instantly became a muse, inspiring me to write countless songs and other works.

Once the summer ended, and I left home to go back to school, my parents told me that the forest was being cut down to make way for a housing development. A total Fern Gully experience. I was saddened to think that a place of such mystery and wonder would be replaced with sheer efficiency and logic. People need places to live right? Perhaps, but at what cost.

So over the span of four months, I saw glimpses of what was once a beautiful place, turn into a pile of dirt. The album cover is a collage of a picture of the once full forest, and one of my friend Adam standing over the wasteland it became.

This record is the story of this forest, as told by the trees themselves.
Stream/Purchase :: Two Bicycles - The Holy Forest


Kevin Greenspon recently sent over this glowing (with radiation?) masterpiece. Kicking off with wave-like ambiance, things start to get hectic for short moments as we approach the halfway point. I suppose it's at this part that others decide to stop straddling the line while we leap right over with a gusto one could call admirable. This beautiful gem can be found on Kevin's new cassette, Unveiling, available via the righteous dudes at Monorail Trespassing.

MP3 :: Kevin Greenspon - Exhibit

Video :: Tiger Love - Pussy Cocaine


Human Razor

Waylon Thornton just sent over one of the shortest tracks I've ever received from him. Fortunately the full album will be chock full of little bad boy jammers like this one. With haunting screams and jangly guitars galore, Sixteen Dreams drops on Halloween via his own White Moon Recordings. I fucking love October.

MP3 :: Waylon Thornton and the Heavy Hands - Human Razor
Waylon Thornton and the Heavy Hands - Sixteen Dreams
Waylon Thornton and the Heavy Hands - Born With Two Heads

Cold Light

Fostercare is spiritual music, though I feel it should be noted that I also believe Pocahaunted and GR†LLGR†LL are spiritual music. Dark, fervently charged ambiance, like that ever made sense, and it's all for you. Fall to the ground and convulse. You're not convincing anyone. You need Fostercare just as much as I do; so I am here be his evangelist.

MP3 :: Fostercare - Cold Light

Ponderosa White

Sutcliffe Catering Co. is not a catering company at all. This does not, however, mean that they wouldn't be great for your events. Go ahead and invite them along to your sisters wedding. I hear they never turn down a date for fear of missing the best crab lump they never tasted, and I must admit I am curious as to whether or not the real catering team will pull out switchblades and butterfly knives with songs of how tough the real catering life is. Those songs will not sound like these ones. Maybe. Now that I've got that out of my system, give these dreamy minimalist tunes a spin and fall in love.

MP3 :: Sutcliffe Catering Co. - Ponderosa White EP
Sutcliffe Catering Co. - Masturbation Coma
Sutcliffe Catering Co. - Ponderosa White
Sutcliffe Catering Co. - Old Songs
Sutcliffe Catering Co. - Mr. Bolton

Betting On The Muse (feat. Loom)

Gospels just sent over a preview of this new jam that features Toronto's Loom dropping some absolutely stunning vocals on top of it. The song is teaming with life, seamlessly constructed by layers of dream upon dream until your body starts to dissipate. Ethereal is the only word to describe it, but we'll keep searching the furthest corners of the space it created to find ourselves a new one. Frames Of Reference drops November 16 via the lovely folks at Hand Rolled Gold.

Stream :: Gospels - Betting On The Muse (feat. Loom)


Never Come Around

Here is the first track from La Sera, the side project of Katy Goodman of Vivian Girls. Ditching the noisier pop, this is a dreamy garage jam that will be on constant spin. Grab the 7" November 16 on Hardly Art, and keep your ear to the ground for the full-length in early 2011.

MP3 :: La Sera - Never Come Around

Video :: Tjutjuna - Mosquito Hawk

Tjutjuna LP drops October 12 on Fire Talk, and you can stream it over here.

Fly (Feat. Steffaloo)

My astral homeboy Blackbird Blackbird recently got super down to earth homegirlz Emily Reo and Steffaloo to record vocals for a couple of new tracks he is/was working on. Then he took the left over vocal snippets from each one and made two versions of the same track. And it sounds incredible. Both times. I see the look on your face, begging me to get to the point. Well the point is that Blackbird Blackbird is a fucking genius. Skeptics click play, lovers click play, and we'll all boogie on three. Go!

MP3 ::
Blackbird Blackbird - Fly (Feat. Steffaloo)
Blackbird Blackbird - Fade To White (Feat. Emily Reo)
And in case you missed the other one w/ Steffaloo:
Blackbird Blackbird - Starlight (Feat. Steffaloo)

Pound Your Town To Hell

Bob from Ice Cream Shout just sent over some info on his side project, Cloudy Busey, as well as a banging new track. The important thing to know about the song is this:
It's an ethereal and cinematic narrative about teenagers on motorcycles living in a mountain town. If I had the cast of the Outsiders or even the Lost Boys, Wes Anderson and a Welsh mining town at my disposal I would have made a video for it. Actually, I would have made a whole movie for it.
Now press play, shut your eyes, and see what our pal Bobby sees in wonderful, powerful CinemaScope.

MP3 :: Cloudy Busey - Pound Your Town to Hell

Great Pyramid

The space nerds over at Friends Records just used their cosmic transmitter to beam over this delightful new gem from Celebration. We're promised four more tracks over the span of Fall, eventually leaving the entire album up for free online. You can also head here to pre-order the album on vinyl. It ships in December so you can make sure Christmas kicks off right (yo, thas sooner than y'all think).

MP3 :: Celebration - Great Pyramid


Video :: A Classic Education - I Lost Time

A Classic Education's EP Hey There Stranger is available now via the fine folks at Lefse Records

One Thousand Papers

The always rad folks over at Woodsist/Fuck It Tapes sent over these amazing jams from Herbcraft earlier. Papers is available on limited cassette, and I am told it's already almost gone. I'm just listening to both of these tracks on repeat at this point, with no intention of stopping until that tape arrives. Head here to grab your copy before they all disappear. I might also suggest that you use a couple of those papers for recreational purposes, should the mood strike you. Just go ahead and hit play so you can slip into an ambient bliss that you may never want to leave.

MP3 ::
Herbcraft - One Thousand Papers
Herbcraft - Highway Jivers (live)


Eric Littman, aka Phantom Power, recently dropped his new EP, titled Diversify>>Polarize>>Speciate. It is a hazy journey through the murkiest worlds, full of groovy bass, pulsing waves of synth, and sick build ups that solidify the jams. Guitars actually lead the songs much more than the synths do, somewhat separating Littman from what is typically coined as "chill wave", though the music certainly has that calmed down, reverb-heavy sound. Phantom Power is easily one of this year's best new artists, and I can't wait to hear more from him. Until then grab all 3 EPs that he has dropped this year, and let's all cross our fingers for an LP soon.

Stream/Download ::
Phantom Power - Diversify>>Polarize>>Speciate
Phantom Power - Chic in Egypt
Phantom Power - Spacetime EP
(^ Thas reverse order of when they were released, y'all.)

Chill Out, Dude

My boy Craig Cruiser (you may remember him better as Hooray, but he's a whole new thang now) recently sent over this bumping alien beach jammer. This was meant to go moon jumping through water. You figure that one out. I'm just gonna go hit the trampoline, close my eyes and float while this one blasts on nonstop.

MP3 :: Craig Cruiser - Chill Out, Dude

Dead Ends

Every now and then I stumble across a release that falls far outside of the "typical" genres I play around in that still manages to really strike me. This almost always occurs because the artist managed to capture their heart inside of the songs, leaving it on display for the whole world to hear. The music on Heliopause's Walk into the Sea ranges from sparse but warm to absolutely epic at times, and I might be hard-pressed to think of a more heartfelt album that I've heard in several years. You can head here to stream and purchase Walk into the Sea. Do yourself the favor.

MP3 ::
Heliopause - Dead Ends
Heliopause - Moment of Recognition

Video :: Vitamins - Sequined Dress (Jovian Moons Workout Remix)