Every now and then some collaboration comes along and rocks my world like nothing else could. This time it's Seeing Suge, a project that brings together three of this years most stunning new artists. Blackbird Blackbird has constantly been blowing my mind with dreamy, ethereal jams all year while Star Slinger brought back fond memories of what it was like the first time I ever heard Dilla. All the while Emay has been steady dropping verses all over the place so we were sure not to displace his name. To put this clearly for you, Seeing Suge is fucking incredible. I could not have dreamed up a more perfect collaboration. Also check out the single for "Breaking" here, which includes a new track from each artist individually.

MP3 :: Seeing Suge - Breaking

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  1. I am guessing you have already heard about the collab mix tape they did this song for... its unreal the bands Dead As Digital got together to put songs on this mix.

    you can get the tape at the link below.