Co-Premiere :: I'm Talkin' Bout Freedom

Numero Group is known for their ability to dig deeper through record crates and shelves anywhere research takes them to unearth the best of R&B, Blues, Soul, Jazz, etc. Now, after putting in a full four years of hard work, they're releasing Syl Johnson: Complete Mythology, much to my delight. Complete Mythology covers Johnson's career extensively, bringing us not only his various hit singles ("Is It Because I'm Black?", "Take Me To The River") but also 10 never-before-released tracks as well as plenty of incredible b-sides. But let's focus for a moment on the reason I really love Numero Group. Complete Mythology comes packaged in a six LP + four CD boxset, and included in the package is a fifty-two page booklet featuring, amongst other things, a thirty-five-thousand word essay (these guys know how to write a good essay) and a sample index. A sample index! If that doesn't totally win you over just press play and let Johnson do what he does best. Syl Johnson: Complete Mythology drops October 19 and you can pre-order the box set here. Also make sure to check out what co-premiere cohorts at Altered Zones headquarters had to say about this one.

MP3 :: Syl Johnson - I'm Talkin' Bout Freedom

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