Co-Premiere :: Kill a Man With a Joystick In Your Hand

At the beginning of the year D'eon started sending me his music and I was immediately blown away. (So much so, actually, that I asked him to do a song for Eskimo Taco and he gave me an amazing Lady Gaga cover.) Then back in June he sent me a rough mix of a cut from his debut album Palinopsia, which finally drops November 16 via the non-stop killing it Hippos In Tanks. I realized then what this song secures: D'eon makes club bangers, but so much more than even that. The instrumentation on his songs is mindblowing. As a child and teenager D'eon learned to play instruments ranging from synthesizers and pianos to setar and harmonium, and he seems to have totally mastered all of it. To put it all quite simply, I dare you to not dance to this; and I dare you to not think to this. Head here to pre-order your copy now, and make sure to mosey on over to Altered Zones to see what my co-premiere cohorts had to say about this stellar jam.

MP3 :: D'eon - Kill a Man With a Joystick In Your Hand

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  1. The real definition of mellow burner.


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