Premiere :: At Night, The Sun Comes Out

Dwight Pavlovic is the sweetest fucking guy I know. Through 2010 he has quickly gone from just a guy sending me stuff about his record label to one of my best friends. I love him to death and consider him family. Last month I had the great pleasure of finally meeting him in person, along with his better half, Liz Toler. Today is Liz's birthday, and Dwight has done his best to make sure this is her best one yet. I'll turn the post over to him and let him give you the skinny on what's happening.
This summer, via series of clever deceptions and careful manipulations of appearance (most notably a radical haircut), I secured the affections of the girl of my dreams: Liz Toler. She is a fox and the most beautiful person I know. We like to collage and love each other. Motivated by amorousness and armed with my credentials as revered founder of an obscure and oddly named record label, I set out to impress her. It just happened that I am and have been friendly with one of her fave musicians, Mat Cothran, aka, Coma Cinema. Little did she know, Mat’s not just an awesome musician, he’s an awesome dude. I melted his heart with my sordid tale of romantic triumph and convinced him to write a song about Liz and I. Little did she know, that had she known that first bit, she would even then have not known I wasn’t stopping there. GOBBLE GOBBLE’s Cecil Frena, another “fave” and rad musician-dude, consented to remix the song. Adding insult to injury, Rachel Levy of Kiss Kiss Fantastic volunteered to design the packaging.

Thanks to the reasonable prices at National Audio Company, with the contributions of all three rad musicians/dudes (& one gal) in hand, this super limited edition, incredibly vain artifact of my incredibly genuine affections for Liz Toler was born. Six people made this cassette. Two amazing musicians that thought the idea was cute made the songs, another amazing musician (and – who knew – artist) made the packaging, the world's bieberest blogger Jheri Evans is debuting the tracks, one girl that I love inspired it, and I generously volunteered to pay the expenses and motivate the participants. I hope you enjoy the results of my feeble attempt to impress a girl that in reality deserves nightly festivals to mark how wonderful she is.

I love Liz Toler. Mat Cothran, Cecil Frena, Rachel Levy, and Jheri Evans are pretty fucking amazing as well. But Liz wins.
MP3 ::
Coma Cinema – At Night, The Sun Comes Out
Coma Cinema – At Night, The Sun Comes Out (GOBBLE GOBBLE’s Michael Bolton Romance Volcano)
At Night, The Sun Comes Out drops on super limited cassette (only 20 copies will be put up to order) next Tuesday via Dwight's own Royal Rhino Flying Records.


  1. What time Tuesday will they be put up for purchase? I gotta have it!!

  2. Sounds like a great dude/lucky girl! I had to repost this!