Premiere :: §PNNR§

BL§§D ØU† is not Blissed Out y'all. Thas some ol' whack shit. BL§§D ØU† is that new new. That real new. The duo (which may or may not include more than two people now...) recently sent over the new LP and it is dark. Swamp jams that drift through space like shuttle debris. Turbulence blasts from every far reach and pressure just builds around your head. "§PNNR§" drops as an EP on November 23, and the track will also be featured on the vinyl LP that AMDiscs is releasing shortly after. Also keep your eyes open for a collection of remixes to songs from the LP to pop up just before the album's release.

MP3 :: BL§§D ØU† - §PNNR§

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