Late Summer

Seapony's brilliant Dreaming 7" from Double Denim Records recently sold out, so the band is giving away the last track from the record. If you missed out the 7" at least do yourself the favor and grab this mp3. Slowed paced dream-pop will be throwing nostalgia at you around every corner.

MP3 :: Seapony - Late Summer


Video :: Memoryhouse - Heirloom

Directed by Jamie Harley.

Dance of the Lantern People

The sun is almost down. I hear the band getting ready. Stories of the band who play only for creatures of the night had traveled far, eventually to our own ears. I immediately knew I had to hear it. I never expected that the creatures were as real as the music. They didn't mind our presence as they scuttled up and down the trees, grabbing more fruit with every trip. Never before had I seen such beauty shrouded in shadows.

Stream/Download :: Mirador - Verdant EP


PBUH001: Foot Village - World Fantasy

I'm stoked to finally give you guys the pre-order for Crash Symbols' first release. World Fantasy was originally released as a 10" on Not Not Fun in 2005 and is the only Foot Village album to not have seen a cassette release before now. I've been a long time fan of Foot Village and it is an extreme honor for us to be putting this one out. Hopefully you guys dig it as much.

Video :: Catholic Spray - The Ghost From My Grave


Video :: Future Islands - The Ink Well

Directed by Theo Anthony. Future Islands/Lonnie Walker Split 7" available now via Baltimore beauts Friends Records.

Nikki (I Am Not The-Dream)

I honestly believe that GOBBLE GOBBLE, can't make a bad song. He just sent over this cover of The-Dream's "Nikki" and it has completely thrown me through a vortex of the most beautiful WTF. Cleverly tagged with "I Am Not The-Dream", this take on the song paints a colorful landscape covered in the unfathomable and then laces it with ecstasy. Keep an eye out for the puppets; I'm not sure yet of their intentions.


Premiere :: LQD GLD ~ (RxRy Remix)

If you didn't already know, our buddy Tom Pavlich over at the Great Pumpkin also recently took the dive into the cassette label race. His first drop on Fight The Future is a magnificent EP from an artist we've been loving for a while now, I Am The Dot. Bridges will be shipping out at the end of the month, but you can go ahead and pre-order a copy now. Only 100 were pressed so don't miss out! If you still need persuasion you can preview a few tracks below, including this blown out remix by RxRy.

MP3 ::



Our pal RxRy just dropped his third album this year last night. Ω picks up where VAEIOUWLS left off in an almost unexpected way. Where before he was producing vast soundscapes, now he is filling them with things plucked from his own memories. The tracks on Ω jump and move more quickly, and exploration feels more necessary. Part of me also wants to race go-karts to this.

Download :: RxRy - Ω

Meet The Fantasies

Northampton duo Brett and James, aka The Fantasies, craft the kind of catchy psychedelic surf jams you'd expect to hear in a Tarantino film. This is music for late night cruises down the boulevard in an old beat up convertible. The duo just dropped their first double a-side single, Meet The Fantasies. I better see you on your feet for this one.

MP3 ::



Wonder Bear's new EP, titled G A L A, is a concept piece about four Alaskan teenagers. What the duo captures is a feeling of desolation I usually apply to the desert; though what is Alaska if not an icy desert? In these songs I would imagine that only those four teenagers exist in all of the world, and something mystic leaves them self sustaining. Perhaps it's their soundtrack?

MP3 :: Wonder Bear - G A L A

Video :: How To Dress Well - Date of Birth

Directed by Ezra Ewen, with supplemented audio from the tape diary of Ewen's Grandfather in the before his death.


Video :: Toothache - Skin

Skin 7" is available now via Father/Daughter Records
[via Chocolate Bobka // Altered Zones]

Video :: No Joy - Hawaii

[via Gorilla vs Bear]

Cassette Label :: Crash Symbols

Lovers of music, I present to you Crash Symbols, a new cassette label (there just aren't enough, y'know) from myself and Dwight Pavlovic (Royal Rhino Flying Records). To start things off we present to you Dope Mountain Fuck, a mixtape of exclusive tracks from artists we love and will/hope to be working with. Catch the tracklist after the jump. It is also our pleasure to announce our first three releases, available soon for pre-order.

- PBUH-001: Foot Village - World Fantasy
- PBUH-002: Hear Hums - Psyche Cycles
- PBUH-003: Beggars in a New Land - Teething EP

Download/Stream :: PBUH-000: Dope Mountain Fuck


Video :: Sex Worker - Tough Love

Waving Goodbye is available now on Not Not Fun

Fire Flame (Remix ft Lil Wayne)

Oh Wayne how we have missed you. Them folkz at LilWayneHQ just dropped this remix to Birdman's new cut with Tunechi hitting two verses on the record. The patient wait for Carter IV has officially begun. Head over to LilWayneHQ to listen to and download the track now.

Floor Length Hair

The homies over at the Scion A/V Garage recently sent over these two garage bangers. A-side player Kid Congo Powers has been doing his thing for a long time (The Cramps, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds), so it's likely that he's an influence on b-side glam queen Hunx and His Punx. Both songs kick ass in very different ways that stay on that fuzzy garage spectrum both have mastered, with Kid Congo leaning dark and Hunx shining bright.

Favorite Albums 2010

Another year, another list. But hey, this year I finally got off the coast, and several times at that. I'm gonna be brief and get to the tunes. Same as the other years, album and a track, though I thought it'd be good of me to actually let you know who put the records out this time. Anyway, keep in mind these are my favorite albums from this year, not necessarily the best. I'm not qualified to judge that sort of thing.

25. Twins - The Other Side Of (Ruralfaune)
MP3 :: Waiting

24. Lush Cola - Lush Cola (Patient Sounds)
MP3 :: Teaching a Bull How to Sit and Stay Sitting

23. Dem Hunger - Caveman Smack (Leaving)
MP3 :: Horse Stomach

22. RxRy - VAEIOUWLS (RxRy)
MP3 :: AAIEI (alpha reply dagger signal)

21. Sumsun - Samo Milagro (Leaving)
MP3 :: Wind Stone

20. Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti - Before Today (4AD)
MP3 :: Round And Round

19. Truman Peyote & Many Mansions - Peaced Together (Whitehaus Family Record)
MP3 :: Truman Peyote - Magentadoor II
MP3 :: Many Mansions - Ocean Temple Pt. 1

18. Emily Reo - Witch Mtn (Breakfast of Champs)
MP3 :: Blue Canoe

17. GR†LLGR†LL - GR†LLGR†LL (Disaro)
MP3 :: I.U.

16. Ensemble Economique - Physcal (Not Not Fun)
MP3 :: Real Things

15. Woods - At Echo Lake (Woodsist)
MP3 :: Suffering Season

14. Twin Shadow - Forget (Terrible)
MP3 :: I Cant Wait

13. Oneohtrix Point Never - Returnal (Editions Mego)
MP3 :: Nil Admirari

12. High Wolf - Ascension (Not Not Fun)
MP3 :: Solar System Is My God

11. Autre Ne Veut - Autre Ne Veut
(Olde English Spelling Bee)
MP3 :: Two Days Of Rain

10. Julian Lynch - Mare (Olde English Spelling Bee)
MP3 :: Just Enough

09. D'EON - Palinopsia (Hippos In Tanks)
MP3 :: Kill a Man With a Joystick In Your Hand

08. Velvet Davenport - Warmy Girls (Moon Glyph)
MP3 :: Warmy Personal Routine

07. Dylan Ettinger - New Age Outlaws (Not Not Fun)
MP3 :: Rico's Pawn Shop

06. Crystal Castles - Crystal Castles (Universal Motown)
MP3 :: Baptism

05. Pocahaunted - Make It Real (Not Not Fun)
MP3 :: Save Yrself (Its Nice)

04. Clive Tanaka y su orquesta - Jet Set Siempre 1°
(Tall Corn Music)
MP3 :: I Want You (So Bad)

03. LA Vampires & Zola Jesus - LA Vampires meets Zola Jesus
(Not Not Fun)
MP3 :: Bone Is Bloodstone

02. Toro y Moi - Causers Of This (Carpark)
MP3 :: Blessa

01. How To Dress Well - Love Remains (Lefse)
MP3 :: My Body

As always, a huge thanks to everyone who keeps coming back here, and to the artists who are constantly working and creating this music for us to selfishly enjoy. w/ ♥


Premiere :: Ensemble Economique - Real Things

The fire has been burning wildly for a while now. It keeps swelling up as if ready to attack, but always retreats. Only now it seems like it's getting braver. The shaman is chanting louder and louder and the other natives seem fearful. I'm more than unsettled at this point, and then lasers are everywhere. Jettisons of light pour out of the shaman. Spider-like creatures made from metal, screaming for attention, scramble towards him as his chanting now seems to come from everywhere. Suddenly the shaman is gone. And then we see him; hanging ominously in the sky. The lights are gone, save for the pulsing red glow emanating from the limp yet eerily powerful old man.


We're back where we were. This is how it has been for centuries now. We only ever play out one scene. I can do nothing but continue to hope that one day something will change. One day we'll move forward.

Psychical is available now via Not Not Fun

Video :: Rick Ross – Veterans Day (Feat Lil Wayne & Birdman)

Video :: LA Vampires feat. Matrix Metals - How Would You Know

[via Visitation Rites // Altered Zones]


Party Trash recently sent over this swamp-stomp banger laced into the future complete with a stellar video by Popular Culture Shaman. They're currently finishing up their new album, set to drop via the mighty Disaro in the next month or two. Drug doing music. Oh they do it.

MP3 :: Party Trash - Drive-By


Video :: BL§§D ØU† - §PNNR§

Sensei Deprivation II

Last night our boy Ian over at Friendship Bracelet posted up this rad new interstellar chronicle from Endless Caverns. Endless Caverns is one of the several projects from Matt Lajoie (also Herbcraft y'all.) The nearly 10 minute epic resonates with beauty throughout. Liquid guitars fill every open space of the mind with merriment and wonder. It's like hearing Christmas in space, which probably wouldn't make a whole lot of sense otherwise. Anyway, no use pretending we're not lost in this massive cavern. On the plus, we can find our way together.

Estranged Mane (Tempera/Endless Caverns split c40), Chakra Ledge and Magi Hymnal are all available over at the L'animaux Tryst strorefront. I warn you: be careful over there; it's easy to just start clicking add to cart.

Video :: Monopoly Child Star Searchers - Excerpts from Bamboo For Two

Words from the OESB mastermind himself:
all right folks -- we got a special one here -- how often do you see a music video that features a personal introduction by the artist and also features erotic poetry written for his parrot??

okay. this is likely the first music video in the history of human existence that features both of the aforementioned elements...

so what does this mean?

don't ask me.

but here's an answer -- it means you should take notice -- because "jungle jam" is this minute's hottest new micro-genre -- & Bird Talk magazine is the new Rolling Stone.

from the very special upcoming album "Bamboo For Two" by the Monopoly Child Star Searchers -- recorded in Belgium and featuring the all-star line-up of Spencer Clark (Skaters, Vodka Soap, Black Joker), Lieven Martens (Dolphins Into The Future), Eva Van Duren (Orphan Fairytale), & James Ferraro (CEO of Airhead Entertainment).. this video highlights audio excerpts from 3 of the album's 4 tracks..
Pre-order Bamboo For Two now via Olde English Spelling Bee


Video :: Mission Control x Memory Tapes - Green Knight


Video :: M. Pyres (w/ Julian Lynch) - Japanese Milk Truck

Getting Higher

Evan Voytas makes music that beautifully replicates 70's dance pop while dabbling in wonderful sparks of hip hop's glorious beginning days. He has a new EP dropping soon, and this song is not on that album. But it is called "Getting Higher", and it is incredible. You understand, right? Tomorrow Night We'll Go Anywhere drops November 23 via Cascine, but you can stream the whole thing below if you must. Now, where did I put my bowl?

MP3 :: Evan Voytas - Getting Higher
Stream :: Evan Voytas - Tomorrow Night We'll Go Anywhere

The Postcard

Here's a few new songs from Pigeons. Delicate wooing vocals drift over magical chords with light percussion making it just so damn lovely. I'm not a fan of Winter and the weather she brings, but something about these jams keeps me warm while reminding of me of the more beautiful parts of the season. Waves of nostalgia; but who isn't bathing in nostalgia these days? Things always seem to have been simpler then. [via Chocolate Bobka]

MP3 ::
Pigeons - The Postcard
Pigeons - Sunset Park
Grab the Visions of the Valley 7" now via Soft Abuse.
Pigeons - Race
Pre-order the Liasons full-length now, with a due date of November 16, also via Soft Abuse.


Memoryhouse just posted up this stream for the b-side to their 7" new single, Caregiver. "Heirloom" is a beautiful shoegazey jam that tugs hard at the heart strings. It's easily one of the most beautiful songs I've heard this year, though that's pretty much just what Memoryhouse does. The 7" drops November 15, but you can go ahead and pre-order it from the righteous folks over at Suicide Squeeze now.

Stream :: Memoryhouse - Heirloom


Chalices of the Past call their brand of music mutant dance pop amongst other things, and I really couldn't imagine a better description. Distorted basslines swell around floating pixelated jams while syrupy vocals drench each track. The entire galaxy spins just a little faster with slight convulsions to the beat. Check out the opening/title track from 2 RUDE below, and stream the entire album over here. [via Unholy Rhythms]

MP3 :: Chalices of the Past - 2 RUDE

The Report V.II

The Report, a multi-media project started earlier this year by our homie McGregor over at Chocolate Bobka, is hands down one of the coolest things to come out of the blogosphere. It starts with a book. Yes, a physical book, filled with essays and interviews and images. Then there is the mixtape, filled with new music from killer artists. Finally, there is a DVD chock full of goodies, like the above video for Dolphins into the Future that he got Christian "Megazord" Oldham to do. Now, here's the thing: McGregor needs to raise $1100 in the next 5 days. This is far from impossible, but if you want to make this happen as badly as I do then help me spread the word about it. Tell all your friends. Here is what McGregor had to say about the next volume of the Report, and catch a more comprehensive list of contributors after the jump. Just make sure at some point you head to the kickstarter page and contribute however you can.
The Report V.II is a multi-media bundle that examines our tendencies and infatuations, from typeface to virtual lives to false manipulations to agrammatical essays to screw remixes to hyperlinks...it’s all here.

book + tape/cd + dvd = The Report V.II

You’ll find a lot of the usual players currently dabbling in all sorts of warped digital realms– Dan Lopatin (Oneohtrix Point Never, Games), Emilie Friedlander (Visitation Rites, Altered Zones, La Big Vic), Christian “Megazord” Oldham, Iasos, Laurel Halo, etc, etc. Unfortunately Brandon McCarthy, better known as @LILBTHEBASEDGOD, was too busy on Twitter to contribute.


Beast in the Sky

These days they seem to do it all for me. He really is up there, you know? I can't be sure, but I hope they're trying to stop it. The sky is this tumultuous black and I keep breathing it in. Tar. The kids seem to think it should just stay there, like some goddamn trophy. To hell with those kids. They don't know anything. They weren't there for the sparks of demons bursting from it's seams. They didn't witness the goats as they tore each villager from limb to limb. There is no good plan. We start stacking stones. Stacking stones for pillars, and we're just stacking them. It's like you can feel you every vein tear open up as every ailment leaves you. If we get high enough none of it matters. So we just keep stacking stones like pillars and we get there. Then we try to go fast and no one is speaking the same anymore. These days we're all overzealous children.

MP3 ::
BRAINSTORM - Beast in the Sky
BRAINSTORM - Word Up - Upward
Grab the Beast in the Sky 7" here.

Photos :: Deerhunter @ Cat's Cradle (10/9)

[Shot by Alex Sugg]


Mind Soda

The Range Rover is a four-wheel drive sport utility vehicle (SUV) produced by Land Rover in the United Kingdom, owned by the India-based Tata Motors. The Range Rover was first introduced in 1970 and is in its third generation. Range Rover hope to have their EP finished by the end of this year. I'm just dying for more.

MP3 ::
Range Rover - Mind
Range Rover - Soda