Beast in the Sky

These days they seem to do it all for me. He really is up there, you know? I can't be sure, but I hope they're trying to stop it. The sky is this tumultuous black and I keep breathing it in. Tar. The kids seem to think it should just stay there, like some goddamn trophy. To hell with those kids. They don't know anything. They weren't there for the sparks of demons bursting from it's seams. They didn't witness the goats as they tore each villager from limb to limb. There is no good plan. We start stacking stones. Stacking stones for pillars, and we're just stacking them. It's like you can feel you every vein tear open up as every ailment leaves you. If we get high enough none of it matters. So we just keep stacking stones like pillars and we get there. Then we try to go fast and no one is speaking the same anymore. These days we're all overzealous children.

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BRAINSTORM - Beast in the Sky
BRAINSTORM - Word Up - Upward
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