Co-Premiere :: The Ink Well

The homies from Friends Records recently hooked it up with this stream for this new Future Islands jammer. This track glistens and sparkles like few others, tugging at your heart and begging you to follow along as it floats off into the fog. I'm overlooking one of the most beautiful lakes I've ever seen right now, and I'd swear the surrounding trees began to sway as soon as I pressed play. They may have taken up new roots in Baltimore but I will always be proud to say Future Islands is from North Carolina. Besides, we all know Maryland is too damn cold for music this beautiful. Head over to the Co-Premiere Cabana at Altered Zones for more info.

Stream :: Future Islands - The Ink Well

Pre-order the limited peach-colored (what are we, Georgia?) 7" split featuring other NC favorite lover Lonnie Walker here.

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