Premiere :: Ensemble Economique - Real Things

The fire has been burning wildly for a while now. It keeps swelling up as if ready to attack, but always retreats. Only now it seems like it's getting braver. The shaman is chanting louder and louder and the other natives seem fearful. I'm more than unsettled at this point, and then lasers are everywhere. Jettisons of light pour out of the shaman. Spider-like creatures made from metal, screaming for attention, scramble towards him as his chanting now seems to come from everywhere. Suddenly the shaman is gone. And then we see him; hanging ominously in the sky. The lights are gone, save for the pulsing red glow emanating from the limp yet eerily powerful old man.


We're back where we were. This is how it has been for centuries now. We only ever play out one scene. I can do nothing but continue to hope that one day something will change. One day we'll move forward.

Psychical is available now via Not Not Fun

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  1. like i said, bizarre in a delicious sort of way. you're writing fits like a glove.