Sensei Deprivation II

Last night our boy Ian over at Friendship Bracelet posted up this rad new interstellar chronicle from Endless Caverns. Endless Caverns is one of the several projects from Matt Lajoie (also Herbcraft y'all.) The nearly 10 minute epic resonates with beauty throughout. Liquid guitars fill every open space of the mind with merriment and wonder. It's like hearing Christmas in space, which probably wouldn't make a whole lot of sense otherwise. Anyway, no use pretending we're not lost in this massive cavern. On the plus, we can find our way together.

Estranged Mane (Tempera/Endless Caverns split c40), Chakra Ledge and Magi Hymnal are all available over at the L'animaux Tryst strorefront. I warn you: be careful over there; it's easy to just start clicking add to cart.

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