Video :: Monopoly Child Star Searchers - Excerpts from Bamboo For Two

Words from the OESB mastermind himself:
all right folks -- we got a special one here -- how often do you see a music video that features a personal introduction by the artist and also features erotic poetry written for his parrot??

okay. this is likely the first music video in the history of human existence that features both of the aforementioned elements...

so what does this mean?

don't ask me.

but here's an answer -- it means you should take notice -- because "jungle jam" is this minute's hottest new micro-genre -- & Bird Talk magazine is the new Rolling Stone.

from the very special upcoming album "Bamboo For Two" by the Monopoly Child Star Searchers -- recorded in Belgium and featuring the all-star line-up of Spencer Clark (Skaters, Vodka Soap, Black Joker), Lieven Martens (Dolphins Into The Future), Eva Van Duren (Orphan Fairytale), & James Ferraro (CEO of Airhead Entertainment).. this video highlights audio excerpts from 3 of the album's 4 tracks..
Pre-order Bamboo For Two now via Olde English Spelling Bee

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