Premiere :: Reeling The Warmth

A couple of weeks ago my pal Kohwi sent me his new album and asked me if I'd do the artwork for the release, which I was delighted to do. Then he asked me if I'd write up some sort of prose to accompany it like I do some songs, and I was beyond thrilled. Hidden Trees drops in January via the homeboys at Wonder Beard Tapes, but you can go ahead and grab the digital drop for free today. Peep that prose after the jump.

MP3 :: Kohwi - Reeling The Warmth
I don't really remember it starting. I just know we were here. And we are again. Shattered beams of light splay across the landscape, if we're gonna call it that. The older guy and his daughter insist we're looping in time now. They're only half right. I watch the birds moving across the sky. They're how I first noticed it. Time is playing backward. The birds are moving backward. We are not. I know things started with one of those damn warps. My bones ache just thinking about it. At some point one of the warps set us down outside of time's restraints. Some of the worlds don't move. Ever. We just keep wandering until the next warp. Like now.

One of the others broke her arm in that one. I knew those things had to be tearing us up. We fell into a purple ocean and her arm healed within an hour. The trees here are weird. They don't have bark. It's like looking at lampposts with bushes planted at the top. Their is no dirt here. Just sand. Endless sand. It's all I can taste, but I like it. The trees have tons of fruit at the top and some of the others are trying to figure out how to get it down. I'm just going to wait for the giraffes. Giraffes with the longest necks I've ever seen. They're all that is ever in this place. I never get to stay long enough for...

The others are gone. I just looked over and nothing. This always happens to me. Eventually I'll run back into them, and they'll have missed every interaction that actually occurs here. I'm not sure why I'm the only one that has to talk to the High Counselors, which is what they demand to be called. The others say they've never seen them. I know they think I'm crazy. I might be. I tried to tell them about this forest. You see, you can't actually just walk into this particular wooded area. You have to hide into them. I always pick a spot under a barrel near the edge that I know works. I just wish even one other person could experience the hidden trees as well.

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