Wooden Jetty

Here's a bright new banger from QTM. The picture above is his grandmother's beach house, which served as a source of influence for this groovy track.

MP3 :: QTM - Wooden Jetty

Video :: Autre Ne Veut - Loveline

[video by M_B]


The awesome music that comes out of Eau Claire is the only reason I remember that Wisconsin exists half the time. This new jam from Moro starts off in a heavily meditative state of ambiance that quickly erodes into glitched out happy beats with choral-style vocals. Keep your eyes peeled for more via Two Michael Jordans soon.

MP3 :: Moro - Embers

Go Ahead

I've been writing about Banjo or Freakout since I started GOTC, a fan for even longer, and he's an artist that has never failed to impress me with the sheer beauty in his music. Our homies over at Fader recently premiered this new track with descriptions of a cozy winter morning. While I'm feeling more of a reflective morning at the beach, with only the littlest waves, I suppose it's all geographic. The important thing is that in some way or another the song instills an almost hopeful feeling. BoF's self-titled album drops February 22 via Rare Book Room. As an added bonus, we also have the Snoretex remix below, which gives the song track a much grittier, intense drive.

MP3 ::
Banjo or Freakout - Go Ahead
Banjo or Freakout - Go Ahead (Snoretex Remix)


Handsome Fucker

Here's some gritty new southern swag from Waylon Thornton and the Heavy Hands. Always loud; always in your face; always in my heart. The duo's next album, Melted Rings, is due sometime this Spring.

MP3 :: Waylon Thornton and the Heavy Hands - Handsome Fucker

Benfits. Minimix

"Bromley & Ishii are both assorted house dj/producer's from Toronto. Fuckin' and Lovin' since 1986." I'm gonna be bumping this mix all weekend. Party to this shit y'all.

Bromley & Ishii - Benefits. Minimix

The Spells

Are there still bands that fans run screaming after? Did that ever really happen in the first place? I imagine Mrs. Magician would be one of those bands if so. Their new 7" single drops this March via Loud And Clear Records, you can pre-order it here, and peep the a-side below. The single comes to us as a "warm-up" for the bands upcoming album, Pity Party Animal. I'm definitely eager to hear a full-length from these guys.

MP3 :: Mrs. Magician - The Spells


Video :: Soothsayer - Moon Glyph


Papertwin just sent these tracks over with little info aside from that they're off of an upcoming EP that may or may not be called Coma/Cross. Either way the songs are pretty rad, burgeoning with synth-pop goodness and less enthusiastic vocals. Hopefully we'll hear the rest of said EP soon.

MP3 ::
Papertwin - Coma
Papertwin - Cross

Video :: Police Academy 6 - Run

[video by Jay Buim]

Down With Candy

Debacle goes hard y'all. Really fucking hard. Two sick drone drops in a day is enough to leave anyone reeling, and Konntinent's Down With Candy is easily an early contender for my favorite albums list. A lot of artists are creating stargaze jams, but I think few manage to keep it as gritty as Konntinent. This is another one recorded as a live take, though I think it went through a more thorough editing process. All I know is I'm kinda dying to see this dude live now.

Bandcamp :: Konntinent - Down With Candy


Expo '70 is a combination of metal and drone that leaves me weak in the knees, begging for more. Blackout captures two live shows in NY from last October, and the album title comes from the duo blacking out at an anti-CMJ show. That, ladies and gents, is how rock and roll is done. Big ups to Debacle Records for putting out such a wonderful vibe.

Bandcamp :: Expo '70 - Blackout



I love the minimalism of this dance number from World War, not to mention how beautiful her voice is. The track takes self-destructive vocals and passes them through a filter of pop bliss, leaving you almost none the wiser. All I've got for you here is a demo of the track "Trouble", but you can check out various other tracks over at her website if you're into it.

MP3 :: World War - Trouble (Demo)

To The North

Mike Litton, aka Cow Parade Cow, hails from Perth, Australia, and has recently completed his first album. To The North spends time building ambiance and dimension into tracks while slipping in wonky beat-crafting every time you almost drift away. Next comes waves upon waves of danceable, tropical psychedelia in which you're fully expected to go wild. Let's dance bbgrrrlz.

Bandcamp :: Cow Parade Cow - To The North


Alpha is Coming

Now we wait...

Please Never

Total Warr has a track on an upcoming Kitsune compilation and are working on a new LP that they promise will be done soon. In the meantime they've provided us with this pleading little jam that features the vocal talents of Little.

MP3 :: Total Warr - Please Never

The Birth and Death Of...

Bong Rodent is crafting some of the grimiest, nastiest jams I've heard in a while. The tracks seamlessly blend shoegaze and dismantled hip-hop beats in astounding ways. I feel like I'm walking around in Dali's Disintegration of the Persistance of Memory. I'ma be on this shit for days and daze.

Bandcamp :: Bong Rodent - The Birth and Death Of...

No Surf

Here's a woozy little garage jam from Wet Years. Can't wait to hear more from these guys.

MP3 :: Wet Years - No Surf

Video :: Evan Voytas - Tomorrow Night We'll Go Anywhere

Jamie Harley is fucking killing it.

Cultus Vibes

One of our favorite pals, Teen Daze, has stepped into the label race. Cultus Vibes is a digital only label with all free releases. Jamison says the idea isn't to make money, but to help provide a good launching point for artists he and his friends love. The first release drops February 1 and is a digital 7" from Teen Daze himself. Go ahead and peek at the a-side below.

MP3 :: Teen Daze - Together

Baby B.

You possibly know our boy Andy Johnson from his killer blog Sick of the Radio. Now take a minute to get to know him as Tony Bonanza. Yesterday I mentioned how in my dreams Star Wars is soundtracked by Dylan Ettinger, but I think we'll give Dagobah to Andy after hearing this EP. Strap into your X-wing for some swampy space grooves pouring hard out of the 80s.

Bandcamp :: Tony Bonanza - Baby B. EP


Space Face

Atlanta's The Electric Nature has the psychedelic drone & garage tip on lock. The dude has released three free albums this month, and each one is just as worth listening to as the next. Space Face takes you on an industrial cruise line through astral caverns sparkling with fool's gold and amethyst; Ocean Portal Waveform uses tape splicing and mellow instrumentation to create soothing, sometimes harsh atmospheres; and Forest Portal Tapestry really kicks in with scuzzy garage bangers amongst slow-pedaled drones. If these three aren't enough for you (they weren't for me) then keep your eyes peeled for an upcoming tape release on Mind Awake Body Asleep as well.

Bandcamp ::
The Electric Nature - Space Face
The Electric Nature - Ocean Portal Waveform
The Electric Nature - Forest Portal Tapestry

FMLY Mansion

FMLY, my slightly older sister in the blog world that always has my back, just announced a couple of days ago that they will be opening up the first FMLY Mansion, complete with its own bike co-opp, a rooftop garden, and music and other relevant workshops. Now I have something more to look forward to when I move to LA later this year. If you want to be involved as well, just hit 'em up style at fmlymansionproject@thefmly.com. FMLY Mansion can't happen without you!



I am so in love with Purity Ring. The brilliant duo of Corin Roddick and Megan James have quickly ascended in my list of Canadian pop projects out to prove that they know pop better than anyone. I'm inclined to think they do with relentlessly sunshine vocals spelling out darker scenes than you would imagine on top of glitched out future beats and whirs. Now I just need a much bigger room to dance in. And a silver tracksuit.

MP3 :: Purity Ring - Ungirthed

Alpha is Coming

Video :: Blastoids - Show Me Around

Hauntin' Me

Transparent keeps the kits coming with Keep Shelly In Athens. This banger was premiered yesterday by Gorilla vs. Bear and has kept my head spinning. The track takes off in so many various directions, but one thing stays clear: this is a pop track worth dancing all night to. Pre-order the 7" via them nonstop killing it boys over at Transparent.

MP3 :: Keep Shelly In Athens - Hauntin' Me


QTM has me sailing through the stars on that resin/kief blend. Fire one up before you fire it up, and this track is definitely built for headphones.

MP3 :: QTM - Rocket

Planet of the Dinosaurs

Dreamgoatz describe their glitchy pop gems as cosmic death and murderachi. You should love them just for that. Planet of the Dinosaurs is part one of a three-part concept album series based around the following plotline:
Our sordid pals Backwoods Baglady, Knot They're, eeeeeeee and Jah Bork (and an undulating mass of junk pop) visit a series of pretentiously cucurbitacious planetoids orbiting a Corpulent, Corporate Teenage Santa Klaus within the Swing Saw Solar System.

Behold! as the Dre' G'z discover the Ancients of Life, Opportunity, Sadness Molasses, Ineffable Intonations, Stagnant Flesh, Glad Vag, Videotape Slizz, Etc.

Gasp! in hushed tones at the mere experiences related in garishly 80's movie montage form: Jah Bork sneezes in revelry! Knot They're dispatches the Phantom Slownus with a vorpal blade! Baglady falls down a flight of nebulae, behind the stale guffaws of a failed sitcom's laugh track! and more!

Alien Iverson

White Moon homies Voyageurs just sent over their stony new EP, Alien Iverson. It's psych-heavy brilliance all the way through, starting with the name. This is one is definitely going on permanent play.


Maymok's slow-building loop-based beats create the perfect textures to create your dreamscapes. Everything is placed with purpose, allowing time to embellish and then warp the details. Imagine dreams stacked on dreams; all of them ethereal, all of them bright. Grab the Praxell tape over here via Two Michael Jordans.

MP3 :: Maymok - Spacestation
Bandcamp :: Maymok - Praxell

No Nutzzz

The latest cartridge of chrome reel tape and plastic from Minneapolis' Moon Glyph Records enshrines the most recent outpouring from Ghostband, aka prolific local staple Jon Davis who, as far as I can tell, plays in a respectable percentage of the cities bands. These tracks are a synth and beat driven meditation on rhythm, primitive compared with anything it shares any aesthetic similarities with, but profoundly compelling in its orchestration. I'd call Ghostband a working class Daft Punk; half the budget, twice the vision, and at least as danceable. Buy it here, on the cheap.


Steve Rosborough, the main mind over at Moon Glyph, is dropping his new astral dust inhibitor under the moniker Soothsayer today. Dig in for some crystal-forming ambiance as things quiet down amongst the celestial wildlife. Head over here to grab a copy of the Inflow Illusion c30 now.

MP3 :: Soothsayer - V


Alpha is Coming


Here's a dark new banger from Blackbird Blackbird. Ditching his normal sunny disposition, Blackbird manages to retain the sound that defines the project while pushing it in a direction shrouded more heavily in mystery. The track is tagged with Blade Runner and Atari if you need a better idea. Expect this one and more like it on babygrrrl's upcoming split with Teen Daze for our very own Crash Symbols.

MP3 :: Blackbird Blackbird - LASTHOPESGONE



Naomi Punk deliver some soulful psychedelic blues with CLS. I want more Naomi Punk in 2K††.

Alpha is Coming


Because I've seen every Benny Lava video at least 50 times, and Ryan Hemsworth is my mothafucking dude.

Guest Post :: Cop Magnet

Our babygrrrl Cop Magnet just sent over these gems and this little write-up to accompany them:
Hey Friend, I'm sure by now you've heard of this cool new enigmatic underground indie-electro producer: Y2Kid. Born in the 80's, and raised in the 90's, this bold new musical, and cultural blessing keeps it totally 100%. Though technically alive for years beforehand, Y2Kid did not become universally conscious until the dawn of the new Willenium. Almost immediately, the overwhelming power and responsibility of conveying the mood of a generation fell into this young prophet's lap. With only mere months left before the apocalypse, this wise young artist is finally releasing, in small amounts so as not to overwhelm the public, the masterworks of his short tormented life. Please, when listening to Y2Kid, exercise responsibility and moderation to avoid a prolonged state of awe.
MP3 ::

Video :: Clive Tanaka y su orquesta - Lonely for the Highscrapers

Brandon Domer follows up his video for Clive Tanaka's "Neu Chicago" with another assemblage of found and archival footage for "Lonely for the Highscrapers", gorgeously complementing the track's rambling, high-energy positivity.

Video :: Encounters - Feathers

Compilation :: DenFriends

Denmark Records just dropped this glowing new compilation on us. It features bangers from some of the Peace Age dudes, Persona La Ave, ArnHao, Holygrailers and Wilmington locals Libraries and has me pretty amped for upcoming Denmark drops.

Video :: YAWN - Toys

[Directed by Eli Stonberg]

Hawaii (Chrome Sparks Remix)

In this remix of Blackbird Blackbird's "Hawaii" Chrome Sparks adds some groovy new textures that ought to place this jam at your local skating rink. No rollerblades allowed.


Grime-pop genius Erik Elliot, aka Goldyne, just sent over his new self-titled album. Goldyne is available for free thanks to net-label Mine All Mine. Good looking homies. The opening track, "Summer Days", has one of the most deceptive titles when you consider how often those words are used inside of a more chill aesthetic. Goldyne comes out the gate getting wonky as fuck with twisted sounds that manage dark and fun pretty equally. By the second half of the album he's even worked in some serious dance numbers that are sure to leave you reeling. I've been waiting for some dirty shit like this to step to.

Download :: Goldyne - Goldyne


Alpha is Coming


The homies at Prefix just premiered another new track from Datahowler's Slowdrifter. Datahowler has met his goal on Kickstarter, but there are still 5 days left to contribute toward the album and jump on some of those special bundles.

Get Hyped

Mixtape :: Killing Spree - Check Yo Ponytail

[via Gucci Goth // IHEARTCOMIX]

it's what ev

Hips Like Cinderella just sent over this heavy as fuck shitgaze ode to feeling numb and lost. Imagine stirring Dead Gaze and Weed Diamond into a thick black cauldron and then letting it simmer for a few days. Hips Like Cinderella is what you'd get, pouring over the side with it's foamy outtake and flooding you with every memory you wish you had. This track comes from their debut EP, all the girls i know all of them.


PBUH003: Beggars in a New Land - Teething

Today, for my first post as this beautiful blog's only second "fair weather" contributor, I'm charged with unveiling mine and Jheri's third cassette via the burgeoning tune-womb at Crash Symbols: Beggars in a New Land's debut EP Teething. First brought to my attention by the intrepid international music excavations of UK club-king Noam Klar's blog Don't Die Wondering, Beggars in a New Land began as Eric Brody and Harry Cubberly's high school recording project. Though the two have since been separated by the burdensome demands of higher education, they continue recording at their respective institutions and play together whenever they can. Teething is their debut EP and gives their soliloquent poptronica its most mature expression, filling out a structure of ambient "chillwave" with a flesh of churning beats and dance rhythms.

Bandcamp :: PBUH003: Beggars in a New Land - Teething
Mediafire :: PBUH003: Beggars in a New Land - Teething

Guest Post :: Dylan Ettinger

I heard enough various Dylan Ettinger tracks last year to know the guys make killer music, but it wasn't until November that I finally had the chance to sit down with New Age Outlaws and give it a good listen. Since my first spin of the album I've been thrilled by the music Dylan makes, but what's more interesting is the world that all of his music is constructed upon. Dylan recently shared with me this short story in which NAO is based around and asked me to share with you guys. We both hope you dig it. Oh, and go ahead and press play on this jam before you start reading. (The story continues after the jump and then in your head.)

New Age Outlaws by Dylan Ettinger

“Lights” he mumbled. The filthy fluorescent bulb overhead buzzed and failed to come to life. The dimmers on his windows were fried and the headlights of passing hovercars and mobile ads danced seductively across the walls and ceiling of his dreary room. The place smelled like dank cardboard; stale, synthetic cheese and skunked beer.

He rustled through a pile of empty bottles and takeout boxes, pulled out his spare pad and plugged in his goggles as he collapsed into his old recliner. His newer, faster computer had been destroyed in the chase. He hadn't logged on all day and was getting anxious. On his first attempt to log in to the network, red letters burned against the back-lit projection screen, flashing between indecipherable Chinese characters and English. EMPLOYMENT TERMINATED. “Fuck me,” he groaned. Gordon smashed his pad against the table, cracking the display. A dull, red light still flickered from what remained of the shattered screen.


Mixtape :: Gucci Goth - The New Real

Last Friday the homies at Gucci Goth posted the stellar mixtape that kept my head spinning all weekend. The incredibly well mixed masterpieces features tracks from the likes of Hercules and Love Affair, Former Ghosts, Teengirl Fantasy and Zola Jesus amongst others. I think at one point I even jazzercised to it, though I admittedly have no clue what jazzercising actually is. Cardiovascular dark disco jams that get your heart pumping from one of the few blogs still stopping my heart these days? Yes please. Peep the tracklist after the jump.

Video :: Can't See My Own Face (Abe Remix)

MP3 :: How To Dress Well - Can't See My Own Face (Abe Remix)
[via No Conclusion]

Video :: RxRy - Aertgo Lapsees

[Video by Ezra Ewen]

Mystery Club

Our homeboy Waylon Thornton recently sent over his solo album Mystery Club, which is available free thanks to White Moon Recordings. Sticking to the battle ax he always wields, Thornton blasts us with twitchy guitar chords and fervent vocals. The big difference here is that we catch him slowing things down a bit, allowing himself to break up the pace and craft beats out of jaunty guitar licks. As per usual the tracks rarely clock in at more than 2-minutes long if at all, so I'm thinking these would make for some pretty killer blown out garage samples too. Anybody?

Touching Down

Therapies Son is the moniker of brilliant 19-year old LA native Alex Jacob, and the newest artist to join the Transparent ranks. Mr Jacob takes a lovely orchestral approach to electronic music that swells larger than the ocean at points. The vocal delivery is pitched and feels slightly forced, leading you to believe each line is delivered with just a tinge of guilt while simultaneously explosive with joy. The homies at Transparent have promised us more in March by way of an EP titled Over The Sea. I'm looking forward to it.


Living In America (Remix feat Gucci Mane)

When I first heard that Dom had gotten Gucci Mane to record a verse for a remix of "Living In America" I believe my first thought was 'no fucking way.' Almost half a year later, Gucci Mane is chilling in a jail cell somewhere and still blowing up my headphones with Dom as they cruise down the boulevard in a drop-top Cadillac sounding fly as fuck. Blaze to this. This is what 2K†† is all about, so let's mark it down as our anthem. Sun Bronzed Greek Gods, last year's EP that set Dom up as a pop genius, is being re-issued on February 15. There is also promise of a new EP in May, both courtesy of Astralwerks.

MP3 :: Dom - Living In America (Remix feat Gucci Mane)


The Lazy Servant

I think every event needs a great soundtrack, and I know I'm not the only one. I'm sure most of the folks bothering to read this constantly have tracks spinning through their heads, guiding their moods. Fortunately Avi Paul Weinstein has come along and given me that perfect soundtrack to discovering the western frontier of America, something I honestly was lacking in. I'm a huge history buff and I love western films, so having good tunes to place events with is kind of necessary. I also really enjoy hallucinogenic drugs which probably had their own influence on these two jams.

MP3 ::

Video :: Golden Girls - Girl World

From the Girl World EP, available now for free!

Wake Up And Smell The Ashes

Vortex Rikers just sent over their new EP, dropped by some of our favorite peeps AMDISCS. This Futures Reserve Label banger comes in shrouded by fog, never ceasing it's whole way through. Filled with the imagery of slow motion death scenes (all tactfully done to spare the gore) and monks sacrificing weird sorts of animals, Wake Up And Smell The Ashes is the perfect soundtrack to a night of slightly campy horror films. And in case that isn't enough to get yr fix, head over here and check out this dizzying track Vortex Rikers did with GR†LLGR†LL.

Download :: Vortex Rikers - Wake Up And Smell The Ashes EP



King Turtle just sent over this heavy atmospheric jam from his upcoming LP. The song starts out by leading you through a dreary tunnel that quickly exits into massive twisted carnival. Wretched metal merry-go-rounds and broken ferris wheels loom at every turn while crooked game runners beg for a chance to scam you. It's hard not to spiral into this one as the music seems to literally vortex around you. The metaphorical cherry on top is the King's dark crooning floating lazily above the track's thick haze. I'm definitely eager to hear more.


The title track from MillionYoung's Replicants rips into a highly danceable start and keeps the groove the entire time. This is what the hip kids at Starfleet Academy get down to. The breakdown, about two-minutes in, grabs your soul and takes it on a smooth cruise through the galaxies. Shortly after you're back on the dancefloor to close the night out. Replicants drops on LP & CD via Old Flame as well as a limited cassette run via our own Crash Symbols on February 15.

Video :: Yello Squares - Safer than the rest

Bounce House Demons

Chelsea Wolfe's new album, The Grime and The Glow, has been left me woozy and dazed numerous times already this week. I don't anticipate stopping it anytime soon. Wolfe's apocalyptic folk relies on the chaos and destruction she creates with her music to set up the mournful stories she weaves. Every song on the album chills me to the core while leaving me begging for more. I'm also quick to liken these tracks to Pocahaunted, which is kinda like my way of saying that this is one fucking amazing album. The Grime and The Glow is available now via the killer folks over at Pendu Sound.

MP3 ::



Picking one Datahowler song to represent his new album Slowdrifter isn't quite as easy as I usually think such a task is. The glowing single below crosses into heavy disco and glo-fi grounds and is one of the grooviest soul shining songs I've heard in a while. Meanwhile I remember noting that one track on the LP reminds me of Crystal Castles. The notable string tying them all together is a heavy sci-fi aesthetic wrapped around each track. Every song resides in space. Datahowler is trying to put the album out himsef, so head over to his Kickstarter if you'd like to help out. Slowdrifter needs to see the light of day!