Grime-pop genius Erik Elliot, aka Goldyne, just sent over his new self-titled album. Goldyne is available for free thanks to net-label Mine All Mine. Good looking homies. The opening track, "Summer Days", has one of the most deceptive titles when you consider how often those words are used inside of a more chill aesthetic. Goldyne comes out the gate getting wonky as fuck with twisted sounds that manage dark and fun pretty equally. By the second half of the album he's even worked in some serious dance numbers that are sure to leave you reeling. I've been waiting for some dirty shit like this to step to.

Download :: Goldyne - Goldyne

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  1. Probably my favorite album in a long time, this is pioneering in sound. Compliments to the artist, and to this blog for putting the spotlight on some stand-out hidden talent. Can't wait to see Goldyne live!