Guest Post :: Cop Magnet

Our babygrrrl Cop Magnet just sent over these gems and this little write-up to accompany them:
Hey Friend, I'm sure by now you've heard of this cool new enigmatic underground indie-electro producer: Y2Kid. Born in the 80's, and raised in the 90's, this bold new musical, and cultural blessing keeps it totally 100%. Though technically alive for years beforehand, Y2Kid did not become universally conscious until the dawn of the new Willenium. Almost immediately, the overwhelming power and responsibility of conveying the mood of a generation fell into this young prophet's lap. With only mere months left before the apocalypse, this wise young artist is finally releasing, in small amounts so as not to overwhelm the public, the masterworks of his short tormented life. Please, when listening to Y2Kid, exercise responsibility and moderation to avoid a prolonged state of awe.
MP3 ::


  1. damn son wheredyou find this

  2. He came to me in my dreams.
    Then he texted me when I woke up.
    -Max Velocity