Planet of the Dinosaurs

Dreamgoatz describe their glitchy pop gems as cosmic death and murderachi. You should love them just for that. Planet of the Dinosaurs is part one of a three-part concept album series based around the following plotline:
Our sordid pals Backwoods Baglady, Knot They're, eeeeeeee and Jah Bork (and an undulating mass of junk pop) visit a series of pretentiously cucurbitacious planetoids orbiting a Corpulent, Corporate Teenage Santa Klaus within the Swing Saw Solar System.

Behold! as the Dre' G'z discover the Ancients of Life, Opportunity, Sadness Molasses, Ineffable Intonations, Stagnant Flesh, Glad Vag, Videotape Slizz, Etc.

Gasp! in hushed tones at the mere experiences related in garishly 80's movie montage form: Jah Bork sneezes in revelry! Knot They're dispatches the Phantom Slownus with a vorpal blade! Baglady falls down a flight of nebulae, behind the stale guffaws of a failed sitcom's laugh track! and more!

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