Living In America (Remix feat Gucci Mane)

When I first heard that Dom had gotten Gucci Mane to record a verse for a remix of "Living In America" I believe my first thought was 'no fucking way.' Almost half a year later, Gucci Mane is chilling in a jail cell somewhere and still blowing up my headphones with Dom as they cruise down the boulevard in a drop-top Cadillac sounding fly as fuck. Blaze to this. This is what 2K†† is all about, so let's mark it down as our anthem. Sun Bronzed Greek Gods, last year's EP that set Dom up as a pop genius, is being re-issued on February 15. There is also promise of a new EP in May, both courtesy of Astralwerks.

MP3 :: Dom - Living In America (Remix feat Gucci Mane)

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