Premiere :: BL§§D ØU† - §PNNR§ (Glass Popcorn Remix)

Will Neibergall is a 14-year-old from Tempe, AZ that produces dubstep/witchhouse as Glass Popcorn in a way that fuses the best elements from both genres without overdoing anything, which is often the downfall of a lot of dubstep tracks for me. It blows my mind that a kid this young is on some shit this hype. I was recently introduced to Neibergall's music by BL§§D ØU† after he did this stunning remix of "§PNNR§", which also samples the audio from the youtube clip featured in the above .gif (also made by Will.)

MP3 :: BL§§D ØU† - §PNNR§ (Glass Popcorn Remix)
Check out more Glass Popcorn over at Soundcloud, and make sure to order BL§§D ØU†'s new LP from AMDISCS if you haven't already.


The folks over at Clan Destine recently dropped a limited tape release of oFF's new EP. The haunting four tracks are sparse but meditative with deliriously syrup induced vibes. oFF played a killer set with another GOTC favorite, GR†LLGR†LL, over the weekend and sent over this video of some songs from the set. Now go ahead and check out the closing track from Disenchanted Fairytale.

MP3 :: oFF - missthemway
Disenchanted Fairytale is limited to 50 copies on cassette via Clan Destine Records, and can also be purchased digitally via Recorder.

Video :: World War - Eye In The Sky

Here's the enchanting new video for World War's beautifully haunting cover of Alan Parsons Project's "Eye In The Sky," directed by Anna Harari.

Saving Lady/Pauline

Jeremy Krinsely's Human Resources is every bit the conceptually gratifying project you would imagine coming from the editor of Impose, an online music magazine that I'd call one of the absolute best. His debut 7" Saving Lady/Pauline (that's the title track, not an a and b-side) comes to us from Ghost Hunter's Club Coop, a somewhat amorphous entity to judge by its web presence, but who better to release four tracks of noisy, shambolic collage-pop? These are self-conscious deconstructions of the typical: Jeremy assembles pop samples and loops into new, equally catchy entities, each composed of those individual, discrete units of catchiness. It's a witty outing from a groovy dood.

MP3 :: Human Resources - Saving Lady/Pauline
The 7" is available now, over at Impose's webstore.

Born Loser

Last year Austin L'Orange and I both left Wilmington having never met each other, though somehow still with respect for one another. I'd heard his name, and even had the pleasure of hearing one of his mixtapes that pretty much blew me away. L'Orange got up with me over the weekend and forwarded this new EP of sample-based hip-hop instrumentals that are absolutely unshakable. I'll spare you the list of other sample-based producer comparisons and just tell you that this is one I'll be bumping for quite some time. Now let's let hit the boulevard and crank the hydraulics like it's '96.

MP3 ::
L'Orange - Born Loser
L'Orange - Mr. Lonely
Grab The Manipulation EP entirely for free over at Bandcamp.


Premiere :: Gross Ghost - Wicked Game EP

This past Wednesday on Altered Zones I had the awesome pleasure of premiering the opening track from Gross Ghost's new EP, Wicked Game, via Grip Tapes. I guess that went over smoothly enough because the band has asked me now to premiere the EP in full. Those of you who are familiar with past Gross Ghost tracks may be surprised by tracks two through four as the band brings the pace down, shedding their usual pop exterior for a more psych-swag outfit and wearing it brilliantly. With the range of their songs becoming more expansive all I'm left thinking is a proper full-length has to be coming soon. Chapel Hill area folks make sure to swing by The Cave tomorrow night to catch Gross Ghost live with Americans in France and Last Year's Men for Vice's Uncapped event.

MP3 :: Gross Ghost - Wicked Game EP
01 You Tell Me
02 Lazy Little Walk
03 Soft Focus
04 Tenements


PBUH009: Cop Magnet - Abstraction

If nothing else positive can be said of Max Velocity announcing that he is soon retiring his Cop Magnet moniker, we can say he gave us as many jams as possible as he walked away. Cop Mag recently hit me up with a grip of unreleased bangers, some of which had actually been cut from other albums by whack ass unnamed labels calling them too weird or some shit. Thing is, we don't believe in too weird (or some shit) at GOTC or Crash Symbols, so I've had the distinct pleasure of curating this tape of Cop Magnet tracks so fucked up it'll melt your mind, despite that not a moment on the tape isn't covered thick in pop bliss. The tape comes with 10 extra minutes of music not featured on the digital version so make sure to grab a copy.

MP3 ::
Cop Magnet - the playground is empty
Cop Magnet - Nno Scrrubbs
Head over here to grab a copy of Abstraction now.


PBUH012: Dope Valley Fuck

Winter is just about done making every muscle in my body contract painfully, so Dwight and I are gearing up for Spring at Crash Symbols. Of course, what better way to do that than to put together another mixtape for you guys of new tracks and unearthed demos from some of our favorite artists right now, including Cop Magnet, Foxes in Fiction, Dylan Ettinger, Ensemble Economique, Blackbird Blackbird, Tony Bonanza, Bong Rodent, Waylon Thornton and Cough Cool amongst many others? We're already putting out tapes with some of these folks, and would love to get to put out tapes with every one on here if it were possible, so pack the bowl, grab a bag of chips, and dig in. Full tracklist after the jump.

Bandcamp :: Dope Valley Fuck
Mediafire :: Dope Valley Fuck


PBUH011: Abe Sada - 20(b)

Abe Sada is the name of a bizarre 1936 incident in Japan, where a woman named Abe Sada suffocated and cut off the genitals of her lover. When asked why she had murdered him, she said “if I killed him no other woman could ever touch him again” – a captivating enough answer in pre-WWII Japan that she ultimately served only 5 years of a prison sentence and has been thoroughly mythologized since. Why Xavier Valentine (previously recording as “Δ” or ARC) and Brady Gunnell chose the name is a bit of a mystery, but Xavier’s glossolalia and the two’s dark, improvised synth soundscapes are in comfortable communion with the bizarre unconscious that seems sustain interest in one of Japan’s most famous murders. 20(b) is their collaboration's debut, and we're pleased to offer it to you as the first in Crash Symbols' semi-regular digital singles series.

MP3 :: Abe Sada - Athena
Head to the Crash Symbols Bandcamp to download 20(b) now.


Mixtape Premiere :: SUPERSONIC IIII #ggmix4coastin

Berlin-via-Brooklyn native and Gucci Goth mastermind Daniel Dodecahedron recently hooked us up with the premiere for this killer mix he put together with cover art by ijĒŞǙŞ ҚĦŖİŞŢ. Don't let the false roman numerals fool you, this is the first in the series, though more will come. It features bangers from Björk, TEETH, House of LaDosha and Wiz Khalifa amongst others. Layered with bass thumps, puncturing synths, swirling textures, syrup laced vocals and bricks of swag, this shit's meant for playing in the dark. Take something to make your eyes bigger if you can't see well enough. Don't sit still. Get the fuck up. Full tracklist after the jump.

Check out Gucci Goth for more music + fashion.


Some weird prep-school kids put on stupid outfits and jockey for the Commodore's centennial doofus cup in this fan-made, band approved video for Grimes' epic "Sagrad," off of her sophomore album on Arbutus.

The White Queen

Vortex Rikers recently sent over their newest EP. In true VR fashion the EP takes swarming textures and patterns them delicately on fragile atmosphere, almost daring them to collapse. While not as heavy as a lot of the darker stuff I've been digging lately, Vortex Rikers show that there is a right way to get dark without quite getting brutal.

MP3 :: Vortex Rikers - The White Queen
The White Queen EP is available free over at Bandcamp.


Formerly a solo effort, Honeydrum makes it's full-band debut via AMDISCS with their sophomore cassette Saturdays, a lightly themed song sequence following the progression of you-know-what. The recordings are spare in places, but what comes out is a dazzling bedroom Joy Division or Magnetic Fields, unspeakably catchy and full of atmosphere.

MP3 :: Honeydrum - Saturday Morning
Grab the cassette now via AMDISCS.


The Reigns

The always rad folks at Bathetic recently shot over the a-side for their upcoming 7" by Wreathes. Wreathes is Nathaniel Ritter and Troy Schafer, formerly of legendary Kinit Her. Wreathes' debut picks up where Knit Her left off, giving us a tribal worship hymn with furiously driven string arrangements, sparse acoustics and Gregorian sounding chants. Bathetic calls it haunted folk, but I'm banking more toward spiritual. Then again, what's the difference?

MP3 :: Wreathes - The Reigns
The Reigns 7" drops March 15 and you can pre-order it now via Bathetic.


Premiere :: seamonster - Plastic Fangs

Todd Webb is a busy man. When he's not drawing awesome comics or making music as Fox Hands or with the Apples in Stereo's Robert Schneider as Robbert Bobbert and the Bubble Machine, he's grooving under the moniker seamonster. seamonster makes smooth pop jams filled with atmosphere, allowing his music to almost paint pictures before you. The word from Gold Robot is that a future seamonster 12" is in the works, and this is a fantastic look at what may come.

MP3 :: seamonster - Plastic Fangs

Fortune Teller

The Cats Purring homies just sent over this killer new track from Gray Things. This glitter ballad was recorded at the Cats Purring Dude Ranch house studio, Hits Incorporated. Hopefully this is a peek at an upcoming album from Gray Things. This track is really groovy and something about it seems to add a haze of silver dust to everything I see while I'm listening to it. I want more.

MP3 :: Gray Things - Fortune Teller

Be The One

Moby recently announced his ninth studio album, Destroyed, out May 17 via Mute. In order to hype the release he's dropped a free three-song EP, and all three tracks are cuts from the album. The songs tell the story of life on the road touring, matching various vibes of the touring life. From long car car rides to heated breakdowns, it's all there. A 128-page photobook will come with the upcoming album, featuring 55 shots Moby took all over the world while touring. The album's title and cover come from one such shot of an LED sign flashing the words "Unattended luggage will be destroyed".

MP3 :: Moby - Be The One
Grab the entire Be The One EP free from Moby.

Big Dreams Die Small, Big Dreams Fall Fast

The Secret Society of Giraffes hits us with a minimal syrupy beat punch to the forehead on recent drop A Perfect Reason To Fall. Portland based Ali Muhareb spins out several bangers on this one, with tracks that bend from dark to bright on such a quick lean that it's mind blowing. From punk robots to graveyard stomps, this one has a little something for everyone.

MP3 ::
The Secret Society of Giraffes - Big Dreams Die Small, Big Dreams Fall Fast
The Secret Society of Giraffes - A Perfect Reason To Fall

A Perfect Reason To Fall is available free at Bandcamp. (The download comes with a pretty trippy flash loop featuring Mario, Jigglypuff and Poliwhirl.)

We Fall Apart

Unholy Rhythms recently teamed up with Cactus-Mouth and dropped this wonderful mixtape on Valentines day. It features twenty bangers on the topic of love from favorite's such as Kuhrye-oo, Kiss Kiss Fantastic, Jeans Wilder, Under Alien Skies, Ra Calium and Guerre amongst others, as well as this marvelous one from new favorite Moths. The above video clip was put together by Synesthesiae Films and is absolutely beautiful. Every bit of it fits the song, and it's shot brilliantly. I'm not sure if the footage is original or from a film, but it seems perfect for Moths' "<3".

MP3 ::
Moths - <3
Ra Calium - I Feel Love
Grab the rest of We Fall Apart free via Unholy Rhythms or Cactus-Mouth.


PBUH007: Pregnant - Life Hard: I Try

The fourth LP from Pregnant is “an ode to all the outsiders,” according to the erstwhile and wonderful Daniel Trudeau. If you’ve heard his music or seen any image bearing his stamp of approval, you know he probably hasn’t developed his music with the support of the local society pages. Nevertheless, Daniel has dedicated this album to others. His latest offering is also his biggest musically – the production gives his bouncy poptronica a wide world to rove in, ranging from endearing and happy to the downright danceable. If you already knew Pregnant, then Life Hard: I Try will seem like part of a very natural progression; his signature loops and glitchy beats are all there, but now their self-assurance is complete and the end result is perfection.

MP3 ::
Pregnant - Letter To Friend
Pregnant - Dog
Head over to the Crash Symbols Bandcamp to pre-order Life Hard: I Try on cassette now.

Retrosexual Moments :: Lion of the North

I remember being seventeen years old, just hardly starting to learn the guitar, when I found Lion of the North. They were abrasive, they were raw, they were sincere. The lyrics hit me on a really genuine level. I knew the sound wasn’t for everybody, though. So I turned one of their songs, “Ghost Stories”, into a simple four chord folk song. I wanted so desperately to share the words, I felt like maybe people would still hear the words, and maybe it would mean something to them the way they meant something to me. I don’t play my watered down renditions of their songs anymore, but they remain my favorite.

MP3 ::
Lion of the North - Ghost Stories
Lion of the North - New Years Resolutions
Lion broke up in 2009, but the members have gone on to play in Staph, Grown Ups, Antilles, and La Dispute.

Premiere :: Luke Rathborne - I Can Be One

The sparse orchestration of Luke Rathborne's music has a strong emotional quality all to itself. It is, however, Rathborne's vocals that make you feel as he feels, and want what he wants: to be one. I'm sure that's left for interpretation, but the whole song has a feeling of pulling yourself together and moving on to me. It's rare that such a somber track can still leave you with hope at the end, and for that I commend Rathborne. The more recent I Can Be One EP is the sequel to his previous Dog Years EP, despite that it takes on a much less pop lean. They may not necessarily belong together, but they are both about the same thing: Rathborne's fear of connecting. This is also the track that apparently got Devendra Banhart to take Rathborne on tour with him, for what that's worth.

MP3 :: Luke Rathborne - I Can Be One
I Can Be One EP / Dog Years EP drops March 8 via Dilettante Recordings.

Beta / Flutters

RxRy dropped a new free EP yesterday titled Beta / Flutters. He has also put us on notice that Alpha is done, and he's just getting it ready with some pep talks and whatnot. I've heard the unmastered demos of the album and those alone are pretty banging, so I'm getting really stoked on this one. Now will someone please release some RxRy on vinyl?

MP3 :: RxRy - Beta III
Grab the entire Beta / Flutters EP free via RxRy.

Eddy Sweater

Act So Big Forest, the Fort Collins music collective headed by Candy Claws' Jonathan Alonzo, recently hooked up with Buckingham Pie Group to drop this fantastic tape from The Kevin Costner Suicide Pact. A short while back I mentioned Fort Collins' ability to always provide good beachy tunes, but I guess they're not satisfied with just the beach. The KCSP started with just two members, but the duo is continually working with other artists on the tracks, allowing for varied but still cohesive sounds. Tape loops stack on tape loops as explosive ambiance continues to rise and fall in explosive textures on these droned out wonders. Moments of the tracks leave you anxious, waiting with abated breath for the next peak. The KCSP deliver in a huge way with this tape, leaving me eager for what's next.

MP3 :: The Kevin Costner Death Pact - Eddy Sweater
Grab Decay on cassette via Buckingham Pie Group or Bandcamp.


Glow Worm

It's been over half a year and I'm still not quite over the end of Pocahaunted. LA Vampires has filled the gap pretty well, and if I paid more attention I'd have caught the first solo release from Diva Dompé that dropped last October sooner. Diva used to rock bass and beautiful vocals in Pocahaunted, and her voice is a large part of what caused me to fall so hard for the group in the first place. The Glitter End shows Diva coming at it from every end, with glistening loops and spiraling synths that fill the negative space between low tones and shimmering vocals.

MP3 ::
Diva - Glow Worm
Diva - Twilight In Inquanok
The Glitter End is available for free at Bandcamp.

Wise Wide O

Fosdyk Well's debut album, Slumber and Stark Lots, drops tomorrow via Blackcity Records. The duo blends folk ambition with well paced psychedelia in a minimal way. Stark certainly belongs in the title with the little but guitar and vocals, but it works extraordinarily well for these two. With that said, the album still offers plenty of texture and ghosts to lend hand, allowing each track to slowly fill with dark persistence.

MP3 ::
Fosdyk Well - Wise Wide O
Fosdyk Well - First Gravity
Head over to Bandcamp to hear the full release, and make sure to grab a physical copy tomorrow from Blackcity Records.


Sea Things debut album, Sea Thangs, has been out for a few months now and seen some pretty cool attention. Just a few days ago Steph D posted up this incredible CGI video, taking the solo project's game up even more. This is a fantastic album that I wish I'd caught on to sooner, but what really has me amped is dude's upcoming remix to "Knuck If You Buck", which has been stuck in my head for days as it is. SQUAD UP!

MP3 :: Sea Things - Fern
Sea Thangs is available for free over at Bandcamp.

O Futuro é só Certeza

According to their website, Cloud Chapel Records is "a label based on Perdizes neighborhood, Sao Paulo City, Brazil. The headquarters are located above a shop at the highest point of the neighborhood (in topology and not, unfortunately, in beauty). The label releases records made in bedrooms." Just about everything on their site is that sort of charming combination of aesthetic ambition and self-consciousness. Even the label's name: Cloud Chapel. These are people with vision and the wherewithal to project it. Their latest, and first release to appear on my radar, clearly bears that out. Shuriken is "a duo from the neighborhood." Their Leisure Memories EP is a collection of four post-pop sound collages, pulled together into an eleven-minute meditation on... who knows. I don't have the Portuguese to understand their lengthy samples or occasional cooing-ons. Whatever the case, they're a duo from the neighborhood... and their debut is more than a little compelling.

MP3 ::
Shuriken - O Futuro é só Certeza
Download it for free or buy the CD here. If you can find the band's website, let us know.

Just Called 2

The homies at Triple You Tapes finally dropped the debut full-length from Mane Mane and I am in the fucking clouds. I've been blasting this one since last night and my brains are all scrambled and I've loved every second of it. Few people create zonked out beats as masterfully as Mane Mane, and even fewer manage to capture the raw emotion (or is that lust?) that every track seems to be bursting with.

MP3 ::
Mane Mane - Just Called 2
Mane Mane - Twnkl Sr
Mane2Mane is available now over at UUU.

Stay Calm

Yesterday Old Arc uploaded their new single "Stay Calm" to their soundcloud. It's just a stream, but it's so damn good! I'm pretty sure that if the Butthole Surfers were around today in the blogosphere they'd be all about this jam. The duo has an EP worth of solid jams put together and are currently trying to figure out how best to put it all out there.

Stream :: Old Arc - Stay Calm

Bow in Human Shame Before the MAINFRAME

The folks over at Zonotope™ recently sent over this tape of ambient seduction from Diane Kensington and her Devotional Band. It's a re-release, with the original having dropped in 1993; though it still sounds like it's from the future almost 20 years later. That's impressive, even for an 11th Dimension Mystic. The press release and album title both refer lovingly to the MAINFRAME several times, though I've no idea what exactly they're referring to. I'm crossing my fingers for the city in ReBoot (the art makes this plausible) or the planet from Guardians of the Galaxy. No matter what it's referring to, this is a fantastic tape meant for meditation and lucid dreaming that should not be missed. Peep the closing track below.

MP3 :: Diane Kensington Devotional Band - Bow in Human Shame Before the MAINFRAME
Worship and Festival Music for MAINFRAME Devotees Vol. 37 is available now via Zonotope™.

Video :: The Mantles - Cascades

"Cascades" comes to us from the Mantles' (still available) Mexican Summer 12" EP Pink Information, which the label calls the band's "most conventionally 'pop'" outing to date. In some ways this is a not terribly unconventional contemporary surf pop video, but the editing makes it into a fun flirtation with datedness, exploring more fully the confines of this particular band's particular kind of retro-ness. Head over to Mexican Summer to grab a copy of Pink Information now.


PBUH005: MillionYoung - Replicants

I've been obsessed with MillionYoung's Replicants ever since I first heard the unmastered demos last November. I think few folks are riding the chillwaves as well as this group and it thrills me to get to drop this cassette on Crash Symbols. Our pals at Old Flame also have 12" LP & CD versions up for order over here. Listen to a few tracks below to get your bearings better on this sparkling masterpiece. You can also hear a few more jams over at the MillionYoung Daytrotter session.

MP3 ::
MillionYoung - Replicants
MillionYoung - Perfect Eyes
MillionYoung - Calrissian
Pre-order the Replicants CS over here.

Sample Based Life Volume 1

Some time ago Forrest Reiff, better known as Off Balance Atlas, had the idea to upload a bunch of samples to the internet and compile an album of artists using various samples from the collection. The works did not need to only include the samples and could draw from various other sources as well. What developed is 30+ tracks of zonked out, most high beat wizardry from the likes of Sumsun, Hear Hums, Great Beer, Dog Bite and various others. Groove real hard on these dirty little wunderjams.

MP3 ::
Sumsun - Non-Menthol Dub
Hear Hums - Chit Akash
Great Beer - lifelikesample
Grab Sample Based Life Vol 1 in its entirety over at Bandcamp, where for an $8+ donation Forrest will handmake you a cassette copy.


Eric Braden, aka Old Bowl, just sent over a nice little package of beats crafted from all sorts of whacked out samples. This thing is all over the place and I love it. Braden describes the music as ADD and that's a quality that really works for the tracks. Loops get stale sometimes, but not even for a moment with Old Bowl. What's more surprising is some of the more shoegaze tracks that pepper the album here and there. For moments things go from jumpy and carefree to dark and introspective. There's a lot going on here.

MP3 ::
Old Bowl - SHAME
Old Bowl - Know For Sure
Old Bowl - Mitosis
Grab Intricate Days in its entirety for free over at Bandcamp.

To Feel The Night As It Really Is

GOTC favorite Ensemble Economique recently did an interview with Marc Masters over at Pitchfork that I thought was fantastic. Homeboy had a lot of insightful things to say on the process of creating art. They also premiered his new single, which you can grab the mp3 for over here. Look for big things from EE in 2K††.

Stream :: Ensemble Economique - To Feel The Night As It Really Is

Maiden China

Manhattan duo Konnichiwa make uptempo synth-pop lead by woeful female vocals. The loops in this track have enamored me all morning to the point of obsession. The above video has certainly added to the experience with its distinctly LeVar Burton circa Reading Rainbow feel. The male half of the duo also lends some vocals to the track to switch things up a bit. Mad weirdo vibes oozing with pop brilliance.

MP3 :: Konnichiwa - Maiden China
Visions drops March 22 on Rainbow Body, you can pre-order it now.


Video :: Grimes - Sagrad прекрасный (unofficial)

[video by Pat Fairbairn]

Holywood Snow

Our boy Thomas Michael just hit us with another Ghibli banger. Once again we see him exploring classical loops to create some thrilling hip hop jams, this time even adding vocal samples to explore the feeling of the song a bit more. Half way through the track everything is set ablaze and we watch as pieces slowly start reemerge from the flame.

MP3 :: Ghibli - Hollywood Snow

Divine Sealing

Hourglass Sea perfectly blends elements of dub and in your face drums amid synth & guitar chords that burst forth like geysers. His new EP, Live From The Crematorium, has me riding those way up high vapor waves to unheard of worlds where the ground is like a trampoline. Everyone gets a laser blaster that turns your opponent to old leather shoes for ten seconds. Now let's play some tag, y'all.

MP3 :: Hourglass Sea - Divine Sealing
Live From The Crematorium EP is available for free at Soundcloud.

Are You Really?

Early Spirit likes to blast you with glitches and whirs inside of unstoppable pop melodies. The duos fast paced electro structure lies on a happy spectrum, but the music feels inclined to lean dark when you really listen. Soft moaning synths wail away underneath all of it. For once we're letting time speed up, but just too skip the boring grey areas.

MP3 ::
Early Spirit - Are You Really?
Early Spirit - An Overly Simplified Explanation
The Meek Shall Inherit is available now over at Bandcamp



The homies over at Tundra just sent over this heavy new EP from ∆AIMON. Things kick off with dark, brooding textures that then blend to thud heavy stomp tracks filled with swirling demons and ethereal whispers. These blown out ragers will certainly be decimating my speakers for some time to come. Peep the hazy opening track and another swamped out banger below.

MP3 ::
The amen EP is available now via Tundra.


London's Mike Wright, aka Bon Accord, just sent over some tracks from his debut 12" from JUKBOXR. Imagine a dance floor in the middle of space, covered in pink foamy bubbles. Everyone is dancing and slipping and sliding and have a good fucking time. Bon Accord's smooth, sensual grooves will certainly have you melting at the core.

MP3 ::
Bon Accord - Capricorn
Bon Accord - Empty Club
Dayliner is available now via JUKBOXR as a limited 300 pink/white haze 12".

Ready To Go

Eternal Peace just sent over their first EP, which sounds more like an eternal fucked up carnival. That's okay though, I happen to dig that quality in a band. The EP starts with a psychedelic freak folk track reminiscent of Kurt Vile and then moves on to apply dizzying effects to minimal electro loops with hazy vocals that seem to come from the back of your mind. Grab all three tracks below, and look for another EP dropping February 19.

MP3 :: Eternal Peace - Ready To Go EP
01 Ready To Go
03 Watching TV at 4 in the Morning

Yellow Mama

Mr. Shankly over at Transparent just shot over another glorious pop gem from Therapies Son. This one has me feeling like I'm free falling through the milky way. Free falls are always in slow motion y'all. I'ma use my homing ring soon, but first I'll just float on high to this brilliance for a bit.

MP3 :: Therapies Son - Yellow Mama
Pre-order the Over The Sea EP now via Transparent.

Golden Cage

Here's a jangly new garage EP from Dallas natives Lonesome Ghost. Riding that slightly-dopey-voiced wave, the ability to keep your head nodding back and forth is where it's at with these dudes. You'll be sure to leave this one is a fitful bout of nostalgia, but it'll feel so damn good. Peep my favorite track from the EP along with a download link below.

MP3 :: Lonesome Ghost - Golden Cage
Grab None of These Songs are About You or Anyone You Know for free from Bandcamp.


Hubble Linger

The homies at NNA just sent over this sampling of the killer debut release from Ben Greenberg, aka Hubble. Layers of guitar stack into intense, driven soundscapes that cut straight to the soul. Similar to a locked groove that you actually enjoy on your favorite record, with the biggest difference being that this one knows exactly when to move on, this is ten minutes of sound that will keep you in a daze. Imagine what the whole tape holds in store for you.

MP3 :: Hubble - Hubble Linger (excerpt)


Videos :: How To Dress Well - Suicide Dream parts 1 & 2

Both videos are by the always astonishing Jamie Harley.

To Be

There was a time when I relied on Fort Collins & Denver entirely for summer vibes. Yesterday I was told M. Pyres is going to be working on recording new songs this weekend, and today I've been introduced to Moon Tides, a new Fort Collins outfit that prove that being by the mountains is the best way to write longingly of the beach. Maybe that time is retuning? No word on an album yet, but we've got our ear to the ground.

MP3 :: Moon Tides - To Be

Dead Princess

Our boy Thomas Michael of Jaded Hipster Choir fame has come at us with a new project. Ghibli currently sees Michael chopping up classical numbers and turning them into pretty wonked out beats by the time he's finished. I wanna hear Lil Wayne rap on this.

MP3 :: Ghibli - Dead Princess (demo)


Video Premiere :: Chrome Wings - Wake Me Up When It's Summer

This track comes from the groups upcoming 10" on AMDISCS, due out this Spring. The video was directed by Eddie Wickline.


It's pretty hard to figure out Pepepiano. The best I can do is say this dude makes whacked out beats and pop gems using a variety of toys and real instruments, and it sounds incredible. Check out his self-titled full length for free, and definitely blaze up for this journey.

Bandcamp :: Pepepiano - Pepepiano


RxRy just posted up some samples of what we'll be hearing on ALPHA. I swear this dude just keeps getting more cryptic in how he does shit. It took me a minute to figure out if this was the album or a teaser. I will say I think some of what we've heard thus far shows RxRy becoming less detached with his music, allowing pieces of the person behind mystery to show.

Mediafire :: RxRy - ALPHA Teaser

There's Nothing For Me Here

Here's a new track from Range Rover that has me absolutely floored. The band is currently just writing brilliant tracks and garnering label interest. Here is my plea that someone put out a full-length with these fellows ASAP.

MP3 :: Range Rover - There's Nothing For Me Here

PBUH004: Bank Heist - The Kingdom

Here are some crystalline new dance bangers from us at Crash Symbols. This one is a free digital EP from Bank Heist that Dwight and I have been bumping non-stop since it graced our ears and feet. With tracks that gain life through space travel and Green Lantern it's easy to imagine how hard this one hits home. Dig in folks, but prepare to fall in love.

Bandcamp :: Bank Heist - The Kingdom
Mediafire :: Bank Heist - The Kingdom