Bow in Human Shame Before the MAINFRAME

The folks over at Zonotope™ recently sent over this tape of ambient seduction from Diane Kensington and her Devotional Band. It's a re-release, with the original having dropped in 1993; though it still sounds like it's from the future almost 20 years later. That's impressive, even for an 11th Dimension Mystic. The press release and album title both refer lovingly to the MAINFRAME several times, though I've no idea what exactly they're referring to. I'm crossing my fingers for the city in ReBoot (the art makes this plausible) or the planet from Guardians of the Galaxy. No matter what it's referring to, this is a fantastic tape meant for meditation and lucid dreaming that should not be missed. Peep the closing track below.

MP3 :: Diane Kensington Devotional Band - Bow in Human Shame Before the MAINFRAME
Worship and Festival Music for MAINFRAME Devotees Vol. 37 is available now via Zonotope™.

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