Eddy Sweater

Act So Big Forest, the Fort Collins music collective headed by Candy Claws' Jonathan Alonzo, recently hooked up with Buckingham Pie Group to drop this fantastic tape from The Kevin Costner Suicide Pact. A short while back I mentioned Fort Collins' ability to always provide good beachy tunes, but I guess they're not satisfied with just the beach. The KCSP started with just two members, but the duo is continually working with other artists on the tracks, allowing for varied but still cohesive sounds. Tape loops stack on tape loops as explosive ambiance continues to rise and fall in explosive textures on these droned out wonders. Moments of the tracks leave you anxious, waiting with abated breath for the next peak. The KCSP deliver in a huge way with this tape, leaving me eager for what's next.

MP3 :: The Kevin Costner Death Pact - Eddy Sweater
Grab Decay on cassette via Buckingham Pie Group or Bandcamp.

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