PBUH009: Cop Magnet - Abstraction

If nothing else positive can be said of Max Velocity announcing that he is soon retiring his Cop Magnet moniker, we can say he gave us as many jams as possible as he walked away. Cop Mag recently hit me up with a grip of unreleased bangers, some of which had actually been cut from other albums by whack ass unnamed labels calling them too weird or some shit. Thing is, we don't believe in too weird (or some shit) at GOTC or Crash Symbols, so I've had the distinct pleasure of curating this tape of Cop Magnet tracks so fucked up it'll melt your mind, despite that not a moment on the tape isn't covered thick in pop bliss. The tape comes with 10 extra minutes of music not featured on the digital version so make sure to grab a copy.

MP3 ::
Cop Magnet - the playground is empty
Cop Magnet - Nno Scrrubbs
Head over here to grab a copy of Abstraction now.

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