PBUH012: Dope Valley Fuck

Winter is just about done making every muscle in my body contract painfully, so Dwight and I are gearing up for Spring at Crash Symbols. Of course, what better way to do that than to put together another mixtape for you guys of new tracks and unearthed demos from some of our favorite artists right now, including Cop Magnet, Foxes in Fiction, Dylan Ettinger, Ensemble Economique, Blackbird Blackbird, Tony Bonanza, Bong Rodent, Waylon Thornton and Cough Cool amongst many others? We're already putting out tapes with some of these folks, and would love to get to put out tapes with every one on here if it were possible, so pack the bowl, grab a bag of chips, and dig in. Full tracklist after the jump.

Bandcamp :: Dope Valley Fuck
Mediafire :: Dope Valley Fuck

01. Foxes in Fiction - Descending Dusk (Trans-Bedroom Sound Rework)
02. Ensemble Economique - We Come Spinning out of Nothingness
03. Borrowed Beams of Light - King and Queen
04. Tony Bonanza - Dancing On Glass
05. Blackbird Blackbird - New Home (Instrumental Version)
06. Pepepiano - I Understand You
07. Ryan Hemsworth - Good Things Can Never Last
08. Pressed And - Slow or Noble
09. Sushi Mane & Gvcci Hvcci - HAM & Eggs
10. Doug Hoyer - Little Things
11. Dylan Ettinger - Being Boiled
12. Hips Like Cinderella - Swag Search (Wish U Nvr Knew)
13. It is Rain in my Face. - Fighter and a Trooper
14. Weed - We Don't Know It's Wrong
15. Cop Magnet - Nno Scrrubbs
16. Bong Rodent - Sorry Kids, Grandpa's High
17. Cough Cool - Eating
18. Shuriken - Não é de se Espantar
19. Waylon Thornton - You Don't Surf So Shut Up
20. Erin Earthling - Villanelle
21. Invisible Hand - Winter Drinks and Kaleidoscopic Powers


  1. cop magnet is soo good.. i loved 'glossy' from dope m0uNtAin fuck... awesome mix great job

  2. The name alone makes me not want to listen to it, but I will

  3. James, if yr not into dope or fucking you don't gotta stick around homie. Or are you anti-valley? Either way, I hope the tunes brought some enjoyment to yr day. Waveriderrr glad yr feeling this shit mane.

  4. I like bears and vaginas, and I live on the east coast, but I would never name a mix bear coast vaginas. Anyway, great tracklist, great mix

  5. Ahhh but I would so listen to a mixtape called Bear Coast Vaginas. Glad yr digging it though bbgrrrl.

  6. "bear coast vaginas"

    that's SOOOO good. i want to use that for something.

  7. Yalls brains are even more fried up than mine.. peace n butt grease

  8. At the very least, the gratuitously absurd is gratuitously absurd, and as long as there's no animal testing, I think that is (or has a good shot at being) a (maybe even very) good thing.

  9. I really (REALLY) loved this Sushi Mane & Gvcci Hvcci song. great mixtape.

    Cheers from Brazil