Retrosexual Moments :: Lion of the North

I remember being seventeen years old, just hardly starting to learn the guitar, when I found Lion of the North. They were abrasive, they were raw, they were sincere. The lyrics hit me on a really genuine level. I knew the sound wasn’t for everybody, though. So I turned one of their songs, “Ghost Stories”, into a simple four chord folk song. I wanted so desperately to share the words, I felt like maybe people would still hear the words, and maybe it would mean something to them the way they meant something to me. I don’t play my watered down renditions of their songs anymore, but they remain my favorite.

MP3 ::
Lion of the North - Ghost Stories
Lion of the North - New Years Resolutions
Lion broke up in 2009, but the members have gone on to play in Staph, Grown Ups, Antilles, and La Dispute.


  1. I'd also like to take this time to point out how rad it is that Ghost Stories starts with a quote from Dwight, of The Office.