Sample Based Life Volume 1

Some time ago Forrest Reiff, better known as Off Balance Atlas, had the idea to upload a bunch of samples to the internet and compile an album of artists using various samples from the collection. The works did not need to only include the samples and could draw from various other sources as well. What developed is 30+ tracks of zonked out, most high beat wizardry from the likes of Sumsun, Hear Hums, Great Beer, Dog Bite and various others. Groove real hard on these dirty little wunderjams.

MP3 ::
Sumsun - Non-Menthol Dub
Hear Hums - Chit Akash
Great Beer - lifelikesample
Grab Sample Based Life Vol 1 in its entirety over at Bandcamp, where for an $8+ donation Forrest will handmake you a cassette copy.

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