Saving Lady/Pauline

Jeremy Krinsely's Human Resources is every bit the conceptually gratifying project you would imagine coming from the editor of Impose, an online music magazine that I'd call one of the absolute best. His debut 7" Saving Lady/Pauline (that's the title track, not an a and b-side) comes to us from Ghost Hunter's Club Coop, a somewhat amorphous entity to judge by its web presence, but who better to release four tracks of noisy, shambolic collage-pop? These are self-conscious deconstructions of the typical: Jeremy assembles pop samples and loops into new, equally catchy entities, each composed of those individual, discrete units of catchiness. It's a witty outing from a groovy dood.

MP3 :: Human Resources - Saving Lady/Pauline
The 7" is available now, over at Impose's webstore.

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