O Futuro é só Certeza

According to their website, Cloud Chapel Records is "a label based on Perdizes neighborhood, Sao Paulo City, Brazil. The headquarters are located above a shop at the highest point of the neighborhood (in topology and not, unfortunately, in beauty). The label releases records made in bedrooms." Just about everything on their site is that sort of charming combination of aesthetic ambition and self-consciousness. Even the label's name: Cloud Chapel. These are people with vision and the wherewithal to project it. Their latest, and first release to appear on my radar, clearly bears that out. Shuriken is "a duo from the neighborhood." Their Leisure Memories EP is a collection of four post-pop sound collages, pulled together into an eleven-minute meditation on... who knows. I don't have the Portuguese to understand their lengthy samples or occasional cooing-ons. Whatever the case, they're a duo from the neighborhood... and their debut is more than a little compelling.

MP3 ::
Shuriken - O Futuro é só Certeza
Download it for free or buy the CD here. If you can find the band's website, let us know.


  1. you don't have the portuguese

  2. when I asked the guys of Shuriken about their website they said something like 'man. my space is done and there's some bro-band using our name at last fm'
    so they only have profiles on the sixty one (http://www.thesixtyone.com/#/shuriken/) and soundcloud (http://soundcloud.com/weareshuriken)


  3. Thanks anonymous. It's hard to keep all those arbitrary Papal delineations straight sometimes.