Coma Cinema - Blue Suicide

Mat Cothran's third album as Coma Cinema seems like his most complicated, in spite of its being his most depressingly named and graced on its cover by what looks like a rabid zombie-dog. Blue Suicide's orchestration is clearly more complex than most of his debut Baby Prayers and its follow-up Stoned Alone, bringing more elaborate instrumentation and a far more explicit use of electronic supplements. More importantly, it is by far Mat's most focused album, though it occasionally plays a little like a single's compilation. There's not terribly much generic unity across the album, but it's hard to imagine so many standouts not inadvertently asserting themselves as individuals above the collection. That it was mastered by Lance Smith of Pandit only makes it that much more clearly the pinnacle of more than just Mat's recording career to date - this is absolutely the album to beat.

MP3 :: Coma Cinema - Her Sinking Sun
Coma Cinema - Caroline, Please Kill Me
Grab the cassette for an easy fiver over at Wonder Beard Tapes and the 12" for a proportionately less easy something else from Fork & Spoon.


  1. Greatest fucking album ever made. People need to wake the fuck up and stop being into such shitty, fluffy shit.

  2. caroline please kill me is awesome. great melodies.

  3. Caroline is definitely one of my faves.

  4. this is true beauty
    real music