I'm An Avalanche

Hurt Valley is Brian Collins' return to music, given up for more than two years after the repercussions of aborted success drove him from Chapel Hill to Los Angeles. Tessara is his second EP under the new name and governed by a new method:
At first, I was really just dicking around, messing with sounds and so forth, but than last summer while I was working on the Desolation Views EP I realized I had been actually making really calculated choices in regards to where I put certain things in the form of sounds, song structure, vocals, etc. So I made a point to not just record a song, but to record a group of songs together, which would result in something concise.
Thanks to that modicum of premeditation and "cool neighbors," Tessara overcomes technological limitations and some of its songs have upwards of twenty tracks layered over one another. It makes for a bouncy set of lo-fi pop songs, pleasant and consistently catchy - the relatively uniform length of Hurt Valley songs at 3 minutes, give or take 20 seconds, points to the strength of his structured recording method.

Download the Tessara EP at Hurt Valley's bandcamp.

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