Le étalée, nouveauté glorieuse

Just before SXSW, Jamison from Teen Daze unveiled a four song remix of selections from Mend, the latest Geotic album. The formalist touches are appropriate and his choice of words was appropriate. These songs are truly reinterpretations, translated through Jamison's own aesthetic lense from ambient soundscapes into an epic, synth-heavy beat tape. Jamison writes:
Will, the mastermind behind Geotic and, you know, Baths, has been one of the biggest inspirations for me in the last year, and this is my way of saying thanks for the amazing music. Mend, by Geotic, is one of the most beautiful records I’ve ever heard, and it’s my hope that these remixes will help make you listen to the already wonderful songs, in a new light.
MP3 ::
Download the EP over at Cultus Vibes' bandcamp, where all of the label's past releases are housed and made freely available. You can grab Geotic from one of Will's famous angelfire sites.

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