MellowHype signs to Fat Possum

I don't know if any breakout artist or group is more famous than Odd Future right now, and I can think of few in the underground who deserve it more. It's amazing to see so many people embracing this sound, despite that it's probably also a signal for the end of the world. MellowHype, the collaboration of OFWGKTA's Hodgy Beats and Left Brain, recently announced that they've signed to Fat Possum records. Last Halloween the duo released their second free full-length, BLACKENEDWHITE, which is now being remastered and peppered with some bonus tracks for vinyl and CD release this summer. The record is entirely produced by Left Brain, with Hodgy getting as evil as we've seen him and features from several of the Odd Future homies. Until some of these remasters are ready to be heard, check out OF on Funny or Die. Now I'm gonna go crawl back into the closet 'cause these rats got a better sound system than me.

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