Premiere :: Hosannas - Cccloud

On the third release from Hosannas the band creates a strong sense of aesthetic unity; Thug Life Nicole at the very least seems to be following some kind of narrative, though whether or not it has anything to do with thuggishness or someone named Nicole is anyone's bet. It builds, rests, and finally ends in the operatic "Cccloud," beginning with a melodic lullaby and closing with the EP's most aggressive percussion and freaked out vocals, held together at the center by a moody post-punk bridge. Although the juxtaposition that runs through Thug Life Nicole is at its most restless here, the surge towards more confrontational instrumentation and warped vocals wraps the songs together into a package of grandiose chamber-punk, substantive and varied.

Look for Thug Life Nicole later this month on the Hosannas' bandcamp.

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