Retosexual Moments :: Orchid

Orchid is something of a staple amongst the skramz/screamo crowd, lasting from '97 to '02. I've always admired their ability to be fast, aggressive, heavy, and somehow creepy all at the same time. Every time I listen to these guys I feel as though I've been pinned against a wall by the sheer force of the noise they make. The guitar whirs in the background, reminding me of something almost predatory, as the drums shout out in ever-changing blast beat speeds, all to accentuate the vocals. Screams akin to those of a caged jaguar, tortured, furious. Orchid was my college music. Listening to them as I walked around a campus I didn't like, surrounded people I could hardly stand, these guys sounded the way I felt, and I loved every minute of it.

MP3 ::
Orchid - Le Désordre, C'Est Moi
Orchid - Aesthetic Dialectic
The members of Orchid have since gone on to play in Panthers, Ampere, Bucket Full of Teeth, Transistor Transistor, and Wolves.

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  1. Excellent post...I shall look up some of the new bands .....ahhhhh ..In the Uk there was also a great scene at the time ...Bob Tilton/Baby Harp Seal etc.Lots of good bands came over from the US too ~:)