Speak My Language

I visited Minneapolis the weekend before last, so it was fun to hear that the city's very own cassette label Moon Glyph had a release hot on my heels, in this case House of Mighty from Chicago's Deep Earth; the self described "Deep Earth Soundsystem Consciousness Network" (lest we forget Sun Ra spent more than a decade in the city). It's a beautifully restrained set of psych epics, long duration syncopated dialogues between the various instruments and though "Speak My Language" is by far the album's shortest track at 4:14, it's one of its most involved and correspondingly fast-paced. Opening with a single guitar, the drama builds into an energetic layering of looped feedback and drones, synth beats, and the same discordant guitar.

Grab the cassette over at Moon Glyph headquarters and look at out for a split 7" with Food Pyramid sometime down the line.

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  1. fuck yeah, moon glyph. minneapolis represent. Reviler.org