If you only support one kickstarter today, consider making it this one. Dan Goldberg of The Spookfish is a tremendous dude who's put a lot of effort into getting a record pressed on vinyl, so I'd be super psyched if we could help give him a boost. Anyone that gives over $50, email us and we'll make sure you get a Crash Symbols care package in addition to what Dan's offering.

The Wave

When Jacob from Kid Counselor dropped us a line the other day, I was surprised because without knowing him or anything about the band, I've loved and had his earlier album Starry-Eyed Summer Souls on my computer since 2009. In the intervening span, he's begun work on a new album, titled Tomorrow Will Come Soon Enough, produced in collaboration with Anthony of Ra Cailum - who also plays lead guitar on "The Wave," the album's first demo. Compared to Starry-Eyed Summer Souls, it's a much less textural experience than I remember having with my favorite tracks, though there's a similar background ambience. It sounds to me like a lo-fi Ladybug Transistor.

Keep yourself posted on new releases over at KC's bandcamp or soundcloud.

Crystal Shards

We just heard from our buddy Reed Parker, aka Boylant, that he's finally decided to put together a bunch of his songs into some kind of "release" - an EP called, as suggested above, Unnamed Portraits. I've been following Reed's music for nearly as long as Boylant tracks have been floating around online, so it's fun to see the different directions each of these songs go and the concept behind their coherence. The songs are definitely what you'd call lo-fi pop, but the muted vocals and elaborate instrumentation make them seem like a sort of highly restrained rock n' roll, drained of flamboyance and aggression. I'd love it if you loved it. I designed the cover, but don't let that sway you.

Download the entire Unnamed Portraits EP for free at Boylant's bandcamp.


Video: The Odd Trio - The Odd Future Sessions Part 1

I was browsing the Odd Future forums earlier and came across this killer video of a group calling themselves The Odd Trio doing some OFWGKTA instrumental covers. They kick things off with "Bastard", shift into "Orange Juice" (aka "Lemonade") and then finish up with "Ass Milk". It's a pretty awesome rendition and an entertaining video.

Mixtape Premiere :: Kemistry Mix

Earlier this week the long-awaited new Konnichiwa LP, Visions, came to my doorstep. As soon as it arrived I through it on deck to let it spin and started grooving. Then my mom started talking about how good it was and reading the lyrics and that was that. Konnichiwa is so awesome that my mom likes them. With a dance sound that seems to blend elements of Lisa Frank with a retro-futuristic point of view it's hard not to love this duo. Yesterday they got in touch with us on this killer mix that was just recently finished up. The title, Kemistry Mix, is a tribute to the late Kemistry and even includes an opening track from her d&b protege, Goldie, titled for her. Things even get going with Beyoncé and Rihanna at points for those in need of diva action. Peep the full tracklist after the jump, then turn out the lights, turn on the strobes and let's party in your room today.

MP3 :: Konnichiwa - Kemistry Mix

Grab Visions now via the rad folks at Rainbow Body.

PBUH010 :: School Knights/Pacific Pride

Why is it called Fred Durst Sex Tape? We're not 100% on that. Whatever the case, our recent Crash Symbols split with Denver's School Knights and Pacific Pride is an inspiration to long-suffering students and west coasters alike, offering a pairing of exuberant garage pop with moodier, lo-fi rock, that - according to our buds at Speaker Snacks - may " just punch you in the gut and leave you gasping for air on some half-melted snow-bank." We can get on board with that.

MP3 ::
Preorder the limited edition cassette over yonder.


Transparency (How To Dress Well Rework)

Earlier today DIS Magazine premiered my new favorite track so far this year. How To Dress Well and d'Eon have both been favorites of mine for a long while, so to see them in any collaborative effort is like a dream come true. By the end of d'Eon's "Transparency" things get a very apocalyptic, tribal vibe before seeming to fade out in a bad transmission. In the rework HTDW seems to heavily embellish all tribal elements, giving it what he describes as a "sad National Geographic vibe" and what I describe as "those pan flutes omfg!" There's even a false ending that is as thrilling as those should be. It's an absolutely stunning rework and I wouldn't mind seeing these two work together more in the future.

MP3 :: d'Eon - Transparency (How To Dress Well Rework)

On Another Level

ViCkMoNt just dropped this mixtape on us today. Monster beats and an attitude that is upfront prevails heavy on this one. I'm on the fence about rappers mentioning twitter on their tracks, but ViCkMoNt does it in a way that feels unabashed but not ruthlessly self-promotional. It's all about tact when you're talking bout getting bitches and money, right? Anyway, we're already promised a Volume 2 to drop in July, so grab this, swag the fuck out, and don't worry about the wait.

MP3 ::
ViCkMoNt - On Another Level
ViCkMoNt - Balling With These Stacks
Grab My Life As Vickmont in full for free at DatPif.

Takyon (Death Yon)

The fact that Zach Hill is in a heavy rap group is kind of blowing my mind right now. Death Grips hails from Northern California and just dropped their debut mixtape, Exmilitary. The group is intended as a "broadcast system," though PBS doesn't do it quite like this. None of the members have specific roles and each contribute different aspects to different song, so it's hard to tell you who is doing what. The one thing for certain is that the collective mind of Death Grips creates some amazing beats. It's also worth noting that this is probably as much punk as it is rap.

MP3 ::
Death Grips - Takyon (Death Yon)
Death Grips - Klink
Exmilitary is available now, for free.


The folks over at Lefse just sent over word on their new album with Ganglians. Still Living is a double LP due out August 23, but we're getting a first peak at the album now. "Jungle" sticks to that jangly, garage sound that we know and love from Ganglians, and it's all just as well crafted as we've come to expect from them. This is a brilliant track that has me pretty psyched for the record.

MP3 :: Ganglians - Jungle
Still Living is already available for pre-order via Lefse, with the first 50 orders receiving an exclusive cassette version of the album as well.



After months of abstaining from composition, Erik Kerr, a recent college graduate recording under the name Toujours, broke his fast while in Bergen, a picturesque city in Norway. This and a handful of other tracks come at the end of a spontaneous world tour that brought Kerr from temporary homes in Osaka, Hong Kong, Cairo, Istanbul, and ultimately Norway, where he's now recording in a rented room on borrowed equipment. His first single, "Mariner," is lush, bedroom chamber pop, bolstered by a set of highly dynamic vocal tracks and instrumentation - every low tech wanderer's first recordings after months on the road should sound so good.

Check out Toujours on soundcloud to listen to a few more tracks.

Oh Dad

Holding down the b-side on Little Gold's latest 7", the band - co-founded and fronted by Christian DeRoeck of Woods - covers an unreleased Wooden Wand song called "Oh Dad," and whatever it may have sounded like when James Toth was handling it, their take is an awesome garage rock jam with some obnoxious guitars. Catchy as hell and way too short at two minutes, forty.

Preorder the 7" over at Sophomore Lounge.

PBUH017 :: Zeadron Del Gomez - Hold My Hand? No

There was a time when the cassette was the most prominent medium of listening to and sharing music. In the 90s came an abrupt takeover by CDs, leaving audio cassettes completely in the dust. Now, with the continual acceleration of the Internet age, we all aspire for something more tangible to hold onto with the music that we know and love.

This desire brings us back to cassettes and their comeback, providing listeners with their favorite independent music—all wrapped in a charming little package accompanied by thoughtful artwork.

Just recently, Crash Symbols and Rebel reinforced this idea by spontaneously teaming up to release a collaborative collection of limited edition cassette tapes. Though coming from two opposite sides of the United States, we both share a love for tapes and recognize their importance in the independent music experience that is so vibrant in contemporary culture. This, in turn, leaves us incredibly proud to be part of such a welcoming community of DIY music releasing entities.

First in the collection is the newest release from Zeadron, the one-man project of musician/songwriter Jack Heffron. For five months Heffron has been diligently compiling his most thought-provoking release yet, Hold My Hand? No. The debut LP from the 17-year-old Orange County native is a sonic experiment spanning a wide spectrum of styles, incorporating elements from garage, dubstep, drum & bass, house, hip-hop and Heffron’s own instrumental background in guitar. Abstract noises from Heffron’s own vocal box, a pencil to a book, shaking a vitamin jar, and the bold thumps of hitting a desk are just a few of the DIY sounds that were recorded during the process of Hold My Hand? No. Through the heavy use of different effects, the sounds Jack achieves are completely unique in musical aesthetic, setting his work apart from any genre stereotyping.

Apart from his self-created sounds are carefully positioned samples from Aretha Franklin, Vashti Bunyan, various YouTube singers, and even contemporary artist Rihanna. Blurred and rough, his vocal samples experiment with pitch changes and heavy delays, floating from phrase to phrase seamlessly. ”I wanted something scratchy, raspy, but soft feeling,” Heffron says of his craftwork. Drawing on his earlier roots of guitar driven music, Heffron includes instrumentation in a couple of tracks, including far-off and melodic “Trainer.Saw93 MB”.

So what exactly is Hold My Hand? No about? “I had an idea,” says Heffron, “that it isn’t present in every single song, but it’s mainly about ugly people, lonely people, thinking people, and eccentrics. Hold My Hand? No, when you say it, is very blunt and doesn’t make much sense. However, I think the bluntness of it is so brutal and hurtful but also darkly comedic.” Hold My Hand? No gives voice to a landscape of dark images and self-exploration through sounds and compositions both new and old. --Brian Vu, Rebel Magazine

MP3 ::
Head over to the Crash Symbols bandcamp to preorder the limited edition cassette.

Song To Cheer You Up (Maria Minerva Holler Remix)

Since returning home from tour I've been tearing apart the internet to regain that month of music I lost. Through this process I've fallen deeply in love with songstress Maria Minerva. I mean, I've never met the girl, but damn can she make some groovy dance tunes. Gorilla vs Bear just turned me on to this remix? It's essentially Minerva pouring beautiful vocals (via Spice Girls delight "Holler") over Keep Shelly In Athens' "Song To Cheer You Up" after it has been smoked through the vaporizer and shipped to another planet. More than anything, it's certainly a track that holds to it's title. If you want more Maria Minerva, check out this interview over at 100% Silk.

MP3 :: Keep Shelly In Athens - Song To Cheer You Up (Maria Minerva Holler Remix)
This remix comes from a set of KSIA remixes that are free, so head over to Transparent to grab that now.

Video: Food Pyramid - Last Shuttle To The Red Planet

Video by Katelyn Reece Farstad. You still grab Food Pyramid's III now via Moon Glyph.


Video: SALEM - Sick

[via Pitchfork]

Crash Symbols + Rebel Magazine

We at Crash Symbols have recently reached an understanding with Rebel Magazine and have come to new treaty terms ending our longstanding feud, as evidenced by yon handshake. Check back tomorrow for more info, y'all, and to find out if your farm has been redistributed to the aristocracy in accordance with the treaty's new land allocations.

Premiere: The Day (Yeasayer Remix)

Destroyed, the newest release from Moby, drops in just a few weeks, and it is a spiraling, other-worldly drop that reminds us why Moby has been at the top of the ambient game for so long. To celebrate, Yeasayer just hooked up this remix for the stellar first single from the record. It's a killer 8-bit spin on an already brilliantly tragic track. You can also peep the video for the original over here, which features the lovely Heather Graham.

MP3 :: Moby - The Day (Yeasayer Remix)

Destroyed hits shelves May 17. You can also grab the free EP, Be The One, via Moby.

Video: Soulja Boy - Too Juiced Up

[via the Fader]

I Can't Wait

Falling Years

Here are a couple of delightful pop bangers from Magic Fades. There is something decidedly sinister about these tracks. It's as if they were great 80s hits that have now been covered in some ethereal ooze. Their glorious jawns live on, though. The Portland duo is working on a digital album to drop this summer, but for now you can just hit up their soundcloud for more danceable delectables.

MP3 ::
Magic Fades - Falling Years
Magic Fades - Fantasy Sparkle


White Mountains just hit me up with this track from his upcoming Lightforms EP on Waaga. The track's constant pulse and dancey snaps pair well with the bright synthesizers and dreamy sampled vocals. It's easy to get lost in this one so let it loop a few times. There is a lot of exploring to do.

MP3 :: White Mountains - Spectra
Lightforms EP drops June 7 via Waaga.

Video: Ela Orleans - Walking Man

NEO PI-R is available now via Clan Destine.

Mixtape: Blissful Allusion

Yesterday LYFSTYL dropped a new mixtape titled Blissful Allusion. Apparently the idea was to have it separated into two halves: bliss and allusion. It features all new tracks from Moths, Sun Glitters, Kohwi, Teen Daze, and Galapagos as well as several artists I'm only just now falling in love with (see Kam3l3in). The mix is short, sweet and to the point, leaving it a remarkable collection of some brilliant tracks.

MP3 ::
Moths - Jimmy Francis
Galapagos - Day & Night
Download all of Blissful Allusion over here.

Video :: Clams Casino - Gorilla

Video by Jamie Harley.



Thanks to Mike from Future Times for letting us know about Maxmillion Dunbar's Max Trax For World Peace 12", the label's latest slice of regional advocacy to make its way onto vinyl. Both bands are based just outside of DC, making them two of the coolest social constructs within a relatively reasonable driving distance of the Morgantown. World peace isn't ambitious - the eighteen minute, three track single is gorgeous; more uptempo than his earlier stuff and supported by a breezy synth orchestra, playing light strings and brooding horns. It feels more gregarious to me, though there are still introspective elements that will resonate with anyone that's heard his debut Cool Water.

Maxmillion Dunbar - Ballroom
Buy the Max Trax For World Peace 12" direct from Future Times.

Mi Amor

Thanks to a heinous schedule, we've been sitting on this track for more than a month, and I'm not at all proud of myself. QTM's latest single "Mi Amor" is stupendously catchy, stuttering glitch-pop - the only thing I can think to compare it to is Antn Hrkwk's stupendously under-celebrated 2010 LP, Thoroughbred, on Life's Blood. Absolutely amazing.

MP3 :: QTM - Mi Amor
Check out more QTM tracks at his soundcloud. He's also working on an EP, but while you wait for that, buy Thoroughbred. You owe it to yourself.


Don't Worry

I've given Comodo's new EP quite a few spins in the past week. Something about To The Sun's sparse, dark yet tropical textures really fucking grabs me. From the start something in the mood calls Bon Iver to mind, so the sampling of "Woods" on "On My Mind" hardly comes as a surprise and is done with skill. It's a record I'm inclined to call ambient, despite that it keeps my head nodding for the majority of it's play time. Hopefully this is only the beginning of some great tunes from this fellow.

MP3 :: Comodo - Don't Worry
Grab the entire To The Sun EP for free at Bandcamp.

Ready For The World (Star Slinger Refix)

Star Slinger posted this "refix" of How To Dress Well's "Ready For The Word" earlier today. He does a great job of giving it a more rigid structure, allowing the track to hold it's emotional qualities without falling apart quite so much. It's a fine hold over while we wait for this new HTDW EP to finally drop, that much is for certain.

MP3 :: How To Dress Well - Ready For The World (Star Slinger Refix)

GOTC Presents: Oh Fortuna, Sumsun & Libraries


Gaurav from C V L T S recently hit us up about his new label Beer On The Rug, and their first drop, a luscious cassette offering from Casino Gardens. Holding true to everything you love about that ripped from the mid-80s feel, Casino Gardens offers some jazzed up groovers as well as a few toned down slow jams to soundtrack the whole night of ups and downs. Peep the Young Vacationers Guide to Casino Gardens after the jump.

MP3 :: Casino Gardens - Kihyui
Grab the Casino Gardens c24 now via Beer On The Rug.

Video :: Persona La Ave - Soulmates

Video by Tim Thompson of Smoke Don't Smoke.


Last month some weird shit went down between Blissed Out and AMDiscs. It basically comes down to AMDiscs decided not to release the Blissed Out 12" because they didn't like Alex's character. I suppose that's fair, except the real problem is that the record was "on sale" for 4 months before this news broke. In an effort to just move on, Alex has decided to give the album away, redubbing it #FREEBLISSEDOUT. He also just dropped the second mix in his Destroy All MP3s series. It's just over thirty minutes of nonstop dancing so get the fuck up out your seat.

Download ::
Blissed Out - Destroy All MP3s.2

Screwed Up Saturdays Vol 2

I'm having a pretty slow Saturday over here. It's one of those afternoons where nothing seems to move at the pace it should. Mike G just dropped volume 2 of his Screwed Up Saturdays series earlier today, featuring chopped and screwed remixes of various OFWGKTA tracks, as well as grooves from Alicia Keys, Outkast, The Weeknd and Crystal Castles amongst others. This is some serious chop & screw wizardry for a Saturday that wasn't going anywhere, anyway, but still needed some soul. Get based to this.

MP3 ::
Outkast - Spread (Chopped & Screwed by Mike G)
The Weeknd - What You Need (Chopped & Screwed by Mike G)
Download Screwed Up Saturdays Vol 2 entirely for free here.

Video :: Errors - Magna Encarta


Another 4.20 mixtape drop just popped up in my inbox. This one comes from So Cal rapper Troi Breeze. Portlandgeles hits you with a little gangsta lean that feels influenced by Young Money for moments, then the pace picks up and sets us straight. Breeze has some lazy flows on this banger, but for the majority his words shoot like rapid fire. Even better is he still sounds fresh. A couple tracks, like the one that samples MGMT, could be done without, but it's a good mixtape regardless.

MP3 ::
Troi Breeze - Portlandgeles
Troi Breeze - High Horse
Grab the full Portlandgeles mixtape over here.


Rich Hoe

I was so stoned on 4.20 that it appears I missed a few things. Soulja Boy dropped a new mixtape. Juice is obviously named for the Tupac film of the same title, and its reference to 'Pac isn't the only similarity to Flockaveli. Some beats are even borrowed from Flocka's album, and this tape goes hard in the paint. Soulja swags it all the fuck out and does every track justice. I'm gonna go pack the kush and let this spin.

MP3 ::
Soulja Boy - Rich Hoe (Feat Lil B)
Soulja Boy - Zan & Lean
Grab the whole Juice mixtape over at Live Mixtapes.

Video :: Frank Ocean - Songs For Women

[via Schmooze Blog]

Premiere :: XCPR

Hoop Dreams is a new band out of Blacksburg, VA featuring Dream Cop's Tommy Davidson and former Wild Nothing members Jeff Haley and Max Brooks amongst others. This brief jam is our first peak at their debut EP, hopefully ready by the end of May. It's a heavily charged lo-fi anthem that I'm told to expect a video for soon, as well. We'll keep our eyes peeled for that.

MP3 :: Hoop Dreams - XCPR


Paperfangs delightfully poppy tracks have been brightening an otherwise rainy morning for me. I slept in until 10.30am and it's still pretty grey outside. I needed these tracks to put a smile on my face. Paperfangs is a trio from Finland that makes a sunny sort of electronic shoegaze. The tracks have a very mellow feel despite making me want to groove just a bit. On top of that, they recently covered the stunning track "Violet" by Kiss Kiss Fantastic. Make sure to catch those sounds over here.

MP3 :: Paperfangs - Witches

Video :: Manganese Madness - Dame

My Body (Needs Release)

Last night, while checking in on things with the Peace Age dudes, I realized we missed a killer 4.20 drop. Matt Weiner, aka Twins, posted the My Body EP up late on Wednesday night, making it easy to miss on the first day. The lyrics are hard to make out in, in typical fashion, so the songs titles are the only peak at the "body vs mind" war that seems to be happening on these tracks. Loud kicks pop off like gatlings and the sounds of blown out synth leads evoke helicopters flying dangerously close. A few days ago was the day we knew that Skynet's robots would take over. Nothing happened; we think.

MP3 :: Twins - My Body (Needs Release)
Grab the entire My Body EP free via Soundcloud.



Beaunoise is Beau Sorenson, a member of Clive Tanaka's erstwhile orquesta and a studio engineer with an extensive list of career credits, including work on no fewer than three past Death Cab For Cutie releases, oddly enough. Thanks to Clive, I recently caught wind of Ambient One, the first installment in beaunoise's four part series of ambient cassettes, being released by the orquesta's home label Tall Corn Music in association with Burger Records. It's a nine track collection of soundscapes; each composition swept along by ambient swells and animated by a complex, relatively fast paced internal structure. Burger Records calls them 'Trippy soundscapes to trip out to when yer tripping out on sounds in capes!!!!" I'm sure they're right.

Buy the limited edition cassette or digital download over at beaunoise's bandcamp.

Fist Heart Mighty Dawn Dart (T-Rex Cover)

I just snagged my copy of Ty Segall's limited edition T-Rex cover album Ty Rex from Goner Records and I recommend you do the same here. Although you and I, dear reader, will not be able to get the clear vinyl, the black should suffice for the sake of these classic glam-rock singles that Segall beautifully transmutes into grunge. It's amazing how good this album is.

Ty Segall - Fist Heart Mighty Dawn Dart (T-Rex Cover)

Skipping Puddles

The second digital release to come from Rebel Magazine's imprint is the latest single from Abel, a California producer of recent repute, evidently biding his time since releasing and then retracting an entire EP earlier this year. "Skipping Puddles" is short and highly textural, with scattered vocal samples layered over a shifting kaleidoscope of analog and synthesized effects Its occasional punctuation by the sound of running water is the strongest bit of continuity between the original and the pair of remixes Rebel's added on to the single, coming briefly to the fore in Lapalux's treatment and receding again in a dancier, extended version by Obey City.

Download the entire single at the Rebel Magazine bandcamp.

Long Shot

It's obvious where my head is right now. I swear in the opening moments of Co La's "Long Shot" repeat the line "You get magic weed". Who knows, with beats this hyperactive and seemingly fragile, maybe it does say that. Friends Records just dropped the new tape from Co La, featuring both of the tracks below. It's a testament to the label's ability to uncover a variety of great jams spanning various genres. File this one under sample-based drone if you must. You can hear all of Dial Tone Earth over here. Peep that opening track and try not to think of Van Dyke Parks.

MP3 ::
Co La - Long Shot
Co La - Honeypot Habits
Pre-order Dial Tone Earth on c46 now via Friends Records.


While on tour with Gobble Gobble recently I got to hit up Total Bummer Fest, this year in Tallahassee, Florida. That Saturday afternoon, while waiting for Noah and Emily so that we could smoke a joint, I happened to catch Maximino live. I'll suffice to say that he is a gorgeous god with a cello in hand. As it turns out, the recorded tracks are just as beautiful. Keep your eyes peeled for an EP this May via Glowmobile Records.

MP3 :: Maximino - Quitters


Video :: Purity Ring - Lofticries

This unofficial clip was put together by David Dean Burkhart using footage from the 1974 Swedish film Thriller: A Cruel Picture. "Lofticries" is the b-side for the Ungirthed 7", which you can still grab via Transparent. [via Gorilla vs Bear]

Smoke Break

Here's another 4.20 drop, this one from Curren$y and The Alchemist. Ten swagged out bangers with Curren$y spitting and The Alchemist blowing my mind on the production round out the Covert Coup EP. It also features guest verses from Prodigy, Fiend, Smoke DZA and Freddie Gibbs. You haven't passed out yet, so go ahead and put this one on for a few spins. You'll thank me tomorrow. [via Pitchfork]

MP3 ::
Curren$y x The Alchemist - Smoke Break
Curren$y x The Alchemist - Scottie Pippens ft Freddie Gibbs
Grab the Covert Coup EP now via Curren$y for free.


The homies over at No Fear Of Pop premiered this Weyes Blood track earlier today. Weyes Blood is the sister of Raw Thrills/Greatest Hits homie Zak Mering, a relation that makes sense due to talent, but not so much in music style. Weyes Blood is cold, haunting folk that sounds like it's being played just off in the distance. It's not quite near you, but something so chilling could almost stand to be further away. Nevertheless, some of us will continue to creep closer, begging for more.

Stream :: Weyes Blood - Romneydale

Grab the 12" debut The Outside Room now via Not Not Fun.


It's late afternoon on 4.20 so Dwight and I are both nearly immobile at this point. That's actually pretty normal for this hour. I just wanted to pop in and let you guys know about this new fire that Domo Genesis dropped on us earlier today via twitter. The beat, by one Michael Uzowuru, has some lovely zonked out keys over a pretty simple but effective drumloop. Domo sounds peak on this one, a nice reminder that Tyler isn't the only one in OFWGKTA. Everything is sounding real good so for now just roll one up and hop in this zone with us.

MP3 :: Domo Genesis - Cashmere


Groundislava - Panorama (Clive Tanaka and Beaunoise Remix)

Last week, Tall Corn Music unveiled the debut LP from Groundislava, a member of the Los Angeles based WeDidIt Collective. To promote his first release, a couple tracks have gotten remixes, including an uptempo revision of "Panorama" by Tall Corn label mates, Clive Tanaka and Beaunoise. The original's 8-bit, minimalist beats are fleshed out into lush dance-pop, layered with new vocal samples and airy synths.

Buy Groundislava's debut (translucent red) 12" (plus translucent gold 7" with this very remix on it) over at Tall Corn Music.


Mixtape :: Pictureplane - Thee Negative Slave

Yesterday I was turned onto this killer mixtape from Pictureplane when the homie Sean Bowie, aka Teams, tweeted about it. It kicks off with my favorite Crystal Castles' tracks to rage to being brilliantly remixed. The mix also features several new tracks and the entire thing is drenched is some of the wooziest synths I've ever heard with bass never ceasing to insist you get up and move.

MP3 ::
Crystal Castles - Baptism (pictureplanes feel for you remix)
Pictureplane - Cyber Climax
Head over to soundcloud to grab the entire mixtape.


It's been a while since I've checked in on Diamond Black Hearted Boy, and that fucker stays busy. His Soundcloud page is full of slightly mortifying, riot inciting rave jams, and it seems like a new one is added every week or so. The three below are from throughout the past month (the first was posted just last night.) DBHB crafts some incredibly catchy jams, layering them with bone fragments and an ethereal bile we can't determine. We've got our scientists working round the clock, but go ahead and give it a few spins. Maybe you'll figure it out.

MP3 ::
Diamond Black Hearted Boy - NA FIRE GO BURN U
Diamond Black Hearted Boy - Hi Lindsey!


I'm at a point where anything o F F and/or GR†LLGR†LL is immediate gold to me, so the fact that they continue to work together on new material is very exciting. They just put together this killer mix for the lovely folks over at KÄRLEKSDÖDEN. It clocks in at just over an hour and features remixed bangers from the likes of Rhianna, Usher, Akon and various other pop & R&B mainstays. It's a great mix to start Monday with.



Premiere :: YVETTE - Plussed (Back To The Future The Ride Remix)

Continuing my recent streak of remixes, I wanted to share Back To The Future The Ride's grinding, ambient remix of "Plussed," off of the debut 7" from New York noise-rockers YVETTE. The noisiness is undoubtedly still there, but the band's original track is shortened by about thirty seconds as it's condensed into a miniature sprawl; loud and quickly collapsing into silence. It's a more compositional approach to the song and has a less conditioned sense of conceptual autonomy than "traditional" remixes, expressing a more original vision, free of any acquired notions that tend to come with remixing.

MP3 ::
YVETTE - Plussed (Back To The Future The Ride Remix)
YVETTE - Plussed

You can download YVETTE's recent EP at their bandcamp or buy the limited edition, hand screen printed 7" here.


Video :: Ryan Hemsworth - The Sincerest Form

"The Sincerest Form" is from Ryan Hemsworth's upcoming debut LP No Plans, slated for a release sometime this summer. In the meantime, you can check out a couple free EPs at his bandcamp.


Premiere :: BRAINSTORM - Flat Earth EP

A little over a month ago BRAINSTORM dropped their Flat Earth EP. It's been available digitally for $2 over at bandcamp digitally, but the guys are now letting me give away both tracks right here. Explosive pop jams that sound as if they were plucked from the 50s; it's hard to believe this much sound is coming from just two people. You can also catch what starts as a take-away style version before moving to the full version of the a-side live over at TerrorEyes.tv.

MP3 :: BRAINSTORM - Flat Earth EP
01 Flat Earth
02 Forms Without a Frame


Tri Angle Records just sent over word on Rainforest, the upcoming debut EP from beat shaman Clams Casino. If you're on that Soulja Boy or Lil B tip then there's a good chance you've already heard the dude (see "2 Milli"/"I'm God"). Last month Clams dropped a mixtape that showcased some of his best beats, most of which have been rapped over, and it is easy to see that these beats hold up all by themselves. So anyway, here's our first peek at Rainforest, the closing track titled "Gorilla". It's fucking amazing.

MP3 :: Clams Casino - Gorilla
The Rainforest EP drops June 27 via Tri Angle.


Premiere :: Sun Glitters - Everything Could Be Fine (The Astroboy Remix)

Luis, aka The Astroboy, just sent over this amazing remix of Sun Glitters' "Everything Could Be Fine," the title track off of the latter's recent debut with We Get By. The remix removes all but the most rudimentary elements of beat and the original's scattershot vocal samples, drawing the original three minute track into a four minute ambient epic. For some that thought The Astroboy's debut The Chromium Fence didn't have enough hooks, the remix will be the best of both worlds - shimmering atmosphere and the skeleton of Sun Glitters' dub.

Buy Sun Glitters' cassette debut Everything Could Be Fine here and look for a digital EP of remixes from UFΩlk Records.


Sea Things - Sad Girl (Sumsun Remix)

I'm ashamed to say that in the time since we got this remix from Judson, he's unveiled no fewer than two other Sumsun remixes for the world to enjoy. In this treatment of Sea Things' "Sad Girl," off their album See Thangs, he smooths out the band's shambolic techno into an almost unrecognizable bit of resonant, house grandeur; damn near Balearic.

MP3 ::
Grab Sea Thing's album See Thangs at their bandcamp, and follow Sumsun on soundcloud to stay up to date on remixes yet to be. Sumsun's album Samo Milagro can also be procured digitally on itunes, although you should know you missed out on an awesome cassette.


Mixtape :: RxRy - RxB

Last week Stadiums and Shrines dropped this new R&B themed mix from RxRy on us. This one is good for turning all the way up and dancing with a few close friends in some weird ass cabin in the middle of the woods. Jam's from Frank Ocean, The Weeknd and How To Dress Well amongst others ring beautifully with new elements of atmosphere added in the masterful way that only RxRy possesses.

MP3 :: RxRy - RxB (Side A)
Grab the entire mix over at Stadiums and Shrines now.


In the bromantic spirit of two-thirds of SPORTS somehow meeting in Paris, the whole band agrees that this is the record that they've each been waiting years to make. Though for years the record they expected to make was indie-rock, SPORTS began as an attempt to shift gears into a dance project, which none of them had ever really done before. Their eight song debut LP shows how that initial goal has mellowed into some hefty electronic pop, evoking a melodramatic, nostalgic 80s, lent a modest flare by Zeljko McMullen's (Shinkoyo Records) mastering. Enjoy.

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