Beaunoise is Beau Sorenson, a member of Clive Tanaka's erstwhile orquesta and a studio engineer with an extensive list of career credits, including work on no fewer than three past Death Cab For Cutie releases, oddly enough. Thanks to Clive, I recently caught wind of Ambient One, the first installment in beaunoise's four part series of ambient cassettes, being released by the orquesta's home label Tall Corn Music in association with Burger Records. It's a nine track collection of soundscapes; each composition swept along by ambient swells and animated by a complex, relatively fast paced internal structure. Burger Records calls them 'Trippy soundscapes to trip out to when yer tripping out on sounds in capes!!!!" I'm sure they're right.

Buy the limited edition cassette or digital download over at beaunoise's bandcamp.

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