Thanks to Mike from Future Times for letting us know about Maxmillion Dunbar's Max Trax For World Peace 12", the label's latest slice of regional advocacy to make its way onto vinyl. Both bands are based just outside of DC, making them two of the coolest social constructs within a relatively reasonable driving distance of the Morgantown. World peace isn't ambitious - the eighteen minute, three track single is gorgeous; more uptempo than his earlier stuff and supported by a breezy synth orchestra, playing light strings and brooding horns. It feels more gregarious to me, though there are still introspective elements that will resonate with anyone that's heard his debut Cool Water.

Maxmillion Dunbar - Ballroom
Buy the Max Trax For World Peace 12" direct from Future Times.

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  1. if i'm not mistaken, i think maxmillion dunbar is none other than vulture v aka andrew field-pickering from the noise-hop group food for animals